Thursday, December 6, 2012

Lets frame it up!!!

So, I always try to hit up stores, garage sales, Goodwill, or prints for stuff to frame up, mostly when I have really big walls that need ether really big pieces or several small ones. I had already accumulated several ones but I hadn't got to hang them up. I started with my fired place since it was looking really empty, the thing is that I have really high ceilings and is hard to not make it look empty. Here's a previous picture of what I had on it before.

I'm thinking that I can probably frame it up but for right now frames will do, I think!!!. So at a garage sale I found this neath piece of art that has several of the colors I have in my living room.

So I decided to give it a try in the fired place, but ended up being to small so back to square one.

I decided to stick to the "map" frame that I had at the beginning , but instead of just placing in in the mantel I decided to hang it up along with some other ones to make it look a little more full, along with some more pieces, I'm not sure I'm crazy with it just yet, the problem now is that I need stuff to fill up the space where the "map" used to be, as of right now I have a huge "domino" that kind of doesn't go with the theme of the rest of the pieces,unless you think of it as "playing domino's at the beach" hmm maybe!!!!, but I do think it looks better than before.

 Like I said, is still a work in progress but, is looking better. I also got to work on some of the other walls in the living room, like the one right on this picture

Although I have stuff low to the table, I don't have anything hang up the the wall. Except for the two frames that I moved to the fired place to be with the "map"

I ended up hanging this pieces of art that I got at Goodwill, along with a mirror I got at target. 

I still need to add some more stuff to it since it's still a little empty but it looks a lot better. As I put this together I notice the that the mirror and the game board have the same pattern, (I do need to fix the game board due to the fact that is croquet, but is not because of me, it seems that the way the put the hook in the back makes it go side ways,idk).  

Now, do you see the small read frame next to the "penguin", well this one was is just a cut out of a plain ups catalog I got at work. 

As I was going trough it  at work, I saw the cute little vintage looking globe map, and I thought it would be cool to frame it not to say "cheap art". So I took it home and cut it out, you can still see a small part of the letter but is not so bad.

 I also already had this cute small frame that I got from goodwill. (that's some cheap art, I got the frame for $0.50 cents and the print was free).  

Once together, it came out looking pretty good, if I may say so. 

At the end, I was able to find a suitable place for the "rainy day" art piece; which is in this wall that used to be empty. 

Which is just opposite from the "penguin" art. 

I have to say "rainy day" looks pretty good in this wall. is funny how by the end of this post I ended up naming all of my frames. Anyways is still in progress, but atlease is not a bunch of bare walls like is been for almost a year. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Not late to terrariums just late at making them!!!!

So, I have to admit that I'm not so good with plants, I ether water them too much or too little, or I flat out forget about them. Lets just hope I'm not like that once I have kids hahah just kidding.

Any who, so this past Saturday my dear husband and I went to Lowe's and browse around a little about ideas to future projects I have, and lets just say we didn't have anything better to do hah!! Also we were looking at doors, since our back yard door is on it's last days.

So I decided to go into the garden department and go look at succulents, since I been wanted to make some terrariums for quite some time but never went to buy the stuff I needed although I did have so jars to make them with. I ended up walking out with five different ones, and some other two plants.

This is what I ended up with,

Pretty much all you need is;
  1. A jar 
  2. some soil 
  3. river rocks or any type of rocks you like 
  4. succulents 
  5. moss 
  6. any other decorative stuff you will like to add
Like I said I already had some jars

Fill them up with some of the rocks which help the water drain and not soak in the soil and kill the succulents

 After that add a good amount of soil to where you can dig in the succulents and won't be touching the rocks

If your succulents have several sections to them, you can go ahead and separate them into several ones in order to make more than one from it.

Like I said, I got five of them so I was able to separate some of them and have more

Dig them into the dirt to where they have enough support to hold up.

Add your moss to the surface of the exposed soil so it will keep the moisture enough to not dry the succulents  

 I still had some succulents, so I was able to make one more, I didn't have any more glass jars so I decided to just make it in this little pot ( it supposed to just be a popcorn bowl)

I also ended up buying some other plans that also don't need full light or lots of water, so lets see how they do.

At the end, I ended up with three terrariums and two plants.

Which then, found a permanent place

 This was the other plant I got, which should not need lots of water ether so it should survive even if I don't water it all the time, will see, I might kill them too

Anyways I wanted to put some type of pop in them but I didn't have anything at them moment might go to Michael's and see if I can find some little birds, flowers or so.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Well, hello there.

I know, I been a stranger to blogging for quite some time already, what can I say I have a lot of projects but not enough time. So where to start, well for starters I was sick as a dog last week, I had ear and throat infection, yuck!!!

So I hadn't been to work since Monday last week, didn't go back till last Thursday, and should I say it was the same day that Sherry and John were coming to Houston for their book signing. I was so sad and upset because I thought I wasn't gonna be able to go, do to being sick during the week, so on Wednesday I decided to go buy the book since I wasn't gonna get it signed might as well not wait since I had been dying to see the inside of it.  Thankfully by Thursday I was feeling so much better to the point that I decided to go and get my book signed.

Should I say that even that afternoon I had to go back to the Dr. for the end of a series of 3 shots to my behind, (which is still pretty sore), Sherry and John, if ya are readying my blog don't worry by then it was pretty under control to where it wasn't contagious, that was another concern of mine I wouldn't  like being responsible for one of you getting sick. Anyways, so at the last minute I got my dear friend to go with me since I didn't want to stand in line by myself, although by the end of the night I had met some quite nice ladies that were also waiting to get their book signed. So we stood in line, which wasn't as bad as I thought it would of been since I got there at 6:45 pm.

The nice people from West Elm were nice enough to give everyone hot cocoa and cookies shaped as little YHL Houses, while we waited to make it inside.

We didn't make it inside the store until about 8:30 or so, and should I say that it was only supposed to be from 6 to 8. I do thank Sherry and John for staying until everyone got their book signed.

 After another 20 mins. or so, we got close enough where I could see them up close, there's John, Sherry was hiding.

Finally we made it, and it was so nice meeting them, so worth the wait; their both so nice and they make you feel like you known them forever, but yet how couldn't we if we allkeep up with them on daily basics through their blog.

I also decided to get something for Sherry, as many of us know how much she likes funky animals I found this little wooden monkey at Goodwill a few weeks back, and when I saw it I instantly thought of her.

I know is not much but like she says "fill your house with meaningful things, not just things", and she was nice enough to name it "Charlie". I hope it feels comfy enough at their house.

 At the end, being sick and standing in line for a few hours was worth the wait for me, since I got to meet them, and now I have this great memory that I can share with ya.

                                                           Thank you Sherry and John

Monday, October 29, 2012

A little Antique Shopping On A Fall Cool Day Never Hurts Anyone... Right

So, as many of you know; Texas is a hot state and even in October the heat is still pretty strong, but we were lucky enough to get some cool weather this weekend which made me very happy since this weekend was the Houston Urban Antique Show. I'm not one to be out in the heat for long periods of time, so I wasn't sure if I wanted to be out in the sun although I did wanted to look for some antiques, but thankfully it was nice enough so I put my boots on a light jacket and headed out there.

They were a lot of great goodies like all these vintage letters, I really wanted to find a big "B" but unfortunately they didn't have any, they had all other letters but a "B"

 Great furniture, and decorating pieces; vintage bikes and frames.

This piece would of had been a great buffer piece in my dinning room, but was quite out of my budget but it didn't stop me from taking a picture of it.


I also felt in love with this globes, they were so adorable.

Although I didn't buy much I did find my some neat stuff like this vintage french door keys at 9 dollars each, which was not bad at all. since some other lots had some more at 25 dollars a key.

I'm thinking of framing them all and hanging them in our bedroom. 

Also, even though I wasn't able to find a "B"; I did find some old numbers that I can from up representing or wedding date.

they're are quite heavy since they are pure steel, and at 2 dollars each, I couldn't pass it up.

I also bought this frame of a vintage hemisphere book, I don't  think the frame is vintage but I quite like the picture, the paper is still in pretty good shape.

So, at the end I came out with a nice buyout, along with nice weather, wine and some yummy appetizers.