Friday, May 25, 2012

The Curtains Are Happening

One thing I really like about  La Casa Batres is it's high ceilings, it makes the rooms feel a lot bigger, but one of my problems is finding curtains for the windows or if I do find them they are just too expensive.
A week after getting the house. 
 This might not be a good picture to be able to tell how high they are but from top to bottom it is 12 ft  tall.

For the past 8 months this window has looked like that. The layout has changed as of yesterday ahahaha!!!!!

This weekend I finally decided to make my own curtains after looking at several websites about how to make them without sewing. I made my way to the fabric store. I went to Hancock fabric store since Joann's fabric stores is quiet far from my house and didn't want t make the trip, plus I ended up finding the fabric at Hancock so I didn't have to go. It was actually on sale so it wasn't too expensive mostly since I needed seven yards to make the two panels (they sure were gonna be long)

Pretty fabric!!!!
  Here's 7 yards of fabric, enough to make 108'' or 9ft long curtains and extra for the hem, since I kept them the same width I didn't have to cut any of it off so I just cut it in half for the length.

Materials and tools needed it.
  1. Iron 
  2. Iron board ( I had to buy one at target since I didn't have one, this whole time if I needed it to iron I will just do it on top of my washer ahahhahaha!!!!!)
  3. Pretty Fabric (of course)
  4. Heat and bond tape
  5. A curtain rod (if don't have one) 
  6. Curtain rigs with clips 
I started by ironing the length, I base myself by the extra fabric to make the hem.

Folding it up to where the fabric started help me make it straight.

Then.... folding it again to make the bonding and making it look clean

Just fold it up to where it covers the bonding, and over laps the fabric.
After that you can start ironing ( make sure it is warm so it will make the bonding stick use steam, if necessary) 

See, making progress already.

To make the hem at the bottom and top of the curtains. I measured the 9ft and used the extra for my top and bottom hem, I actually made my bottom hem longer than the top but is up to you how you like it.
13'' for the top
Folded to 6'' 

Folded one more inch for a clean fold
It will look like this once all folded
will look like this once folded and ironed
 Mean while........

My brother is changing the old rod for a new one, and I'm working on the curtains.
(I'm sorry for the lighting, our living room light is horrible it is something I been meaning to work on too.)


For the purpose of still working on my blog and La Casa Batres page. I'm still working to show the progress done to it since we bought it back in October, I will only show this section of my living room.

The final product. 108'' tall curtains 
So Instead of paying over 200 dollars for curtains at a store, I made my own for about 70 bucks. I don't know about you, but I'm happy about that and they look just as good.

Have any of you made any curtains? Let me know I will be happy to know.


  1. Wow! Tres chic! And I didn't know about the fabric bond....that's opening a lot of doors for out...

    I really like the summery pattern too.

    1. Thank you.

      Yea that stuff is awesome you should try it.

  2. Saw you on YHL's FB page. Curtains look great and I love those side tables. Did you paint them?

  3. I'm very happy you find me.
    thank you for the comment, and yes I did the whole thing
    Hopefully I can get to how I did those but since is been a while I don't think I have "the before of how they looked, it was just oak color.

    I bought them on Craigslist for $30 for both.
    Craigslist is a great place to find stuff

    Yadi B.


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