Thursday, May 24, 2012

Is that REALLY the same Desk!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys

This is MY FIRST actually DIY post.
 I would really liked your opinion on  it.

Anyways I been trying to get started on my craft room for quiet some time already but I just don't seem to make the time til' last week that we finally picked a color, I just need to actually start painting. I also made a trip to my local Restore store . I have been wanting to go for the longest, not really looking for anything specific until I ran into this little baby.
 (by the way sorry for the mess in my garage) 
 I been trying to work on that too, but on to that later.
Anyways I felt in love mostly after I saw the price, it was only $20 Dollars. What a deal!!!!
I had been looking for a Desk for quiet some time (even thou I had found another one at a thrift store already, but hey, I can have more than one right). So I took this baby home.

It needed a lot of work but I was ready for the challenge, so on Saturday I made a trip to Home Depot to buy what I needed. I knew I wanted to paint it another color so I went with white just because that way I can move it to any other room if I even wanted to.

My tools:
  1. Sander- I bought one like this one, I like that it has an edge. (I had to buy one since I didn't have one) If you have one, well you just saved some $$$$$$$$$
  2. Sanding Paper 
  3. Screw Driver 
  4. Paint brushes (Oil Brushes would do better)  
  5. filler spatula 
My Materials:
  1. Primer
  2. White Oil Base Paint. 
  3. Wood Glue 
  4. Wood filler 
  5. Metallic Spray Paint 
  6. Nails 
My new Little Desk was in rough condition but I was determined to make it look new, or at least I hope so.

  1. Making it even. 
The top part was split in the middle so, I used some glue and nails to make it look even.
 It was hard putting the glue perfectly since it didn't lift all the way so I just put as much as I could.
The nails helped to put pressure on the wood and secure it so it wouldn't lift up anymore, and look even.

                                                      I removed all of the drawers........ 

                                                             and nobs of them.

My little Desk had several cracks all over so i refiled it with Wood Filer 

It helped seal all the cracks and to have a smooth finish.

After letting it dry I went ahead and started the big project of sanding it.

What is a hanger doing in the background ahahahh!!!!!



The priming began.... 

It took me a while to get the hang of it, because if you go over it too much it starts to get clumps and does not look smooth.
You have to do one at a time and let it dry and then apply more as you need.

I let it dry very well so it would seal the wood, I wasn't perfect about it, mostly inside the drawers since you cant really see inside once there in. 
Once it was completely dry, I waited about 3 hours ( that was my break hahahah) I started the first coat of white paint.

I only did two coats, I guess it depends on how much you seem necessary, but don't do too many or it will just get thick and will be very easily damaged. 

While the main part of The Little Desk was drying, I started on the nobs. As i mentioned at the beginning of the post I didn't want a color in specific since I didn't want it to just go to one room if I decided to move it (hopefully it stays in My FUTURE craft room) but I still want it it to pop. I decided to keep the nobs because i really like them and I wanted to keep it the same, so I just decided to bring them back to life hahaha!!!!! 
I used Valspar Metalic spray paint

Make sure you let them dry before you spray paint the other side. I just sprayed paint them at night and left them drying over night and i did the other side the next day. 

They have some scratches but is OK.

Going back to the desk.
Once I did my two coats and left it drying for 2 DAYS!!!!!!
I brought it inside and added the nobs.


I love how the nobs really pop against the white paint.

You can still kind of see the split in the middle but is not lifted or moving anymore so I am happy about that.

I just love how The Little Desk came out, I'm really happy about it. 

What do you think? Have you ever restored a old piece of furniture? 

Let me know I will really liked to know what you guys think. 
Please leave your comments. 

Yadi B.


  1. Just click on name/url

    You only need to enter your name

  2. I Need a desk just like this one!! Did they have 2 of them????

    1. No,
      unfortunately they didn't, but they did have other ones.
      They actually have a lot of recycle home stuff, like doors,windows etc

  3. LOVE how the desk turned out!super cute!!!! .. I would post tips but I haven't done any projects anyways great job Yadi!!:)

    1. hahhaaaha!!

      is ok, thank for the comment

  4. That is Super cool. I bet if old owners would see it, they would want it back! lol

  5. haha!!!

    right lol, I bet they paid a lot more too

    <3 yadi B.


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