Friday, May 18, 2012


So this pretty much will be my first post as a blogger so far it seems a little confusing trying to figuring out how to work this thing up, but i think I'm getting there. 

Reason's why I started a blog. 


Is most of my friends know, I love to do crafts, decorating, baking and doing all types of parties for friends. 
So I started looking for blogs just to see what other people are up to. 
So i found some really good ones and some not so much, I hope mine gets there one of this days. Anyways the more I researched the more I found and I made me wanna have my own. 

Anyways my page as ya may see still need work but hopefully I can get the hang of this and get good at it.

Since the only new thing i can think of, is about me getting a new phone I will talk to ya about this.

I got it yesterday my husband and I got the same phone except his is black and mine is white.

see how pretty and pink it is. 
well hopefully it will stay like that. See I have a bad relationship with phones they never last hahah actually the one I had before actually last the two year contract, although it had a lot of drops but It made it, but the sad part is that my husband got a new phone too, but his was already 4 years old, which means he made it two 2 year contracts although it was time for an update since his was pretty old already. 
He gets mad at me because I always from my phone, he always says I need bubble wrap it see if it last longer, but is not very fashionable. He will buy me covers, I will break they, he will buy screen covers, I will take them off. So yea that's the story with me and phones. He made me buy that pink cover so will see how long it last. 

By the way I wanted and Iphone but should I mention that he hates apple. 
well maybe i leave that story for another day. 

anyways thank you to who ever reads this 
I'm really excited about this. 

<3 yadi B.


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