Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Craft Room Not Going So Well....

Well hello there dear friends:

You know it is really hard to keep up with a blog when you work a 8 to 5 job, and then have to come home to cook, clean, and go to the park. Also to work on a blog among other things, not to count that this weekend I did not to do much either.

As you all may know I have been working on a craft room for quite some time. I got the paint done and I also found a little desk that I saved from ReStore. Unfortunately that's as far as it has gone, I still have many things to do but little time to do them. I actually have found several stuff to add to it but most of them have to be painted, but for the purpose of sharing with you all some progress, I will show you some of the stuff I got.

I will start with a Desk Top Computer that I finally got since a laptop is a little hard to work on (I  actually got it this weekend, which I'm using right now), also even though I was thinking of using the desk I had painted, it didn't work with the computer since I didn't want the tower to show. I had actually got this desk awhile back at a thrift store, which is in really good shape but I'm thinking if I should paint it white too or not?

 It is not the best picture since the lighting is horrible in this room even the screen is brighter than the room. I still haven't added anything to the desk (since I just moved it yesterday).
Like I said with this desk I'm able to hide the tower since it has room for it.

This way everything is nicely tucked in and clean, I should also mention that I had this desk In the room next door and it is really heavy and long. We had to stand it up due to the fact that my hallway is too narrow and it wouldn't turn in between doors.

 It actually looks like a door standing up (by the way that was supposed to be my guest room which so far is a depressing room), I had to put a sheet at the bottom to be able to drag it since it was so heavy and didn't want to scratch the floor, fortunately it did go in like this.

 So far it just looks back like this.

I still have the white desk here, but I'm not quite sure if I will keep it in here.

Other thing I have found for the room are this shelves that I found at good will for 15 dollars, which I'm thinking of painting white also, even though I really like how the shelves look black but it is just not what I'm going for in the room.

They are great for storage and the price wasn't bad ether.


I had this drawer for the longest too, but I never got to paint it, which I'm planing on using to organize all of my scrap-booking paper.

It's not really in rough conditions but I have other plans for a color change. hahha maybe new hardware
What ya think?

I have this bookcase that I want to paint and add pretty nice paper just like in my desk and my kitchen.

    It's just a basic target bookcase but once I do my work on it, it should look like a brand new custom bookcase hahah.

Wait there's still more....

I found this letter "C" shelf with storage. Now unfortunately there's not any "C" letters in my name but...
since this is a "C"raft room, I can use it and add the rest of the letters to spell out "CRAFTS or CRAFTY  will it will see, What ya think?

I can put a bunch or mason jars with buttons, ribbon,etc. ( I'm guessing that was the name of the girl that owed it before), which by the way I got at goodwill for 5 dollars.

I think ya should be getting my patterns at finding stuff at goodwill hahahha. Maybe, I should consider changing the name of my blog to something else huh.

But wait there's still more...

Well ya probably already saw this one, but it's the chair that I'm currently using to sit in front of the desk.
I probably change it for a rolling one but for now I will use this one, but I do wish to paint it another color and change the fabric in the cushion.

It's cute and it does the job, it will sure look cuter with another paint color, and even if I do change it for a rolling one I can still leave it here in a corner in the room. Or if I do leave the white desk here I can put it to that one.

Oh, I almost forgot I have one more.....

I also have this shelf that according to my brother (which I do believe him) is a golf ball display that I also found at goodwill. when I saw it I wasn't sure what I will use it for, but it caught my interest after my husband showed it to me. I quickly came up with the idea of using it to store and display thread and they fit just right, but I do need to paint it.

I have many more threads and different colors, but I only put these two just to get the idea of it.
It should look great once it's painted and with many other colors of thread.

Well at the moment, I'm sure I will find more stuff later on, as you can see I have a lot to do and a lot to paint so just bear with me. I will be giving you updates on each one of these as I finish them, I hope it's soon but at least you know what I'm working on now.

 I  have other stuff in working on for some of the other roomsb but I will share those with you another day. 

Do you think I have good ideas for each one of this pieces, or should I get some other opinions for some of them?

Yadi B.

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  1. I love the pink drawer unit. I would keep it that color...just touch it up if needed. And with that in mind, maybe the desk can have a similar color, just in a different shade, or follow the pastel color scheme. That would make a light, refreshing, femenine craft room!


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