Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Door Less With A Pop | Part 2

Good news!!!!

I did finish the cabinets in my kitchen last night so I was able to make this post today, yay!! for me.
Anyways continuing with yesterdays post 

 We left off here

Yesterday I was able to finish the other side since I did both sides of the window. Hopefully in the future when I get to remodel the whole kitchen I can actually have open shelving, but for the mean time I can work with this.

You have to forgive me for the pictures, unfortunately I don't have a professional camera so my pictures are not the best quality, I hope I can get one soon hahahah.   

 I have to say I love the pop of color

 Almost all of the items here were found at good will or gifts from my wedding. 

I love the red here is so crispy.

The penguin is actually a salt shaker that I found at Good Will the other day.
  And that is for that.
I'm done with that for now, till next time hahahahh.
Another thing I told you I was going to showed you today was my whole kitchen (once again the pictures are not perfict but I think it does the job)

The kitchen looked like this when we first bought it.

We haven't done much structural change to it other than a paint job, and some new appliances like the stove; since I like a gas range better than electric I decided to change it, but is to any-ones opinion. Also the refrigeration, well that one had to be bought no matter what, due to the fact that the previous owners took the one they had.
 We still have to replace the dishwasher and microwave, lets just say right now were going for a white and stainless look hahahah.

Anyways, here's some pictures of our kitchen.

See all those papers to the left of pictures, that's all my mail that always gets dump there, but I have came up with a solution which I will be sharing with you tomorrow, stay post. Also, should I make the chalk board bigger?

 This side of the kitchen still needs some work, I need something to put on the walls.

 Lighting is another thing that needs to be change since is not the best.

 I found this scale at Good Will and thought it was so cute and at just 2 dollars who wouldn't buy it.
The flour jar is from another thrift store.  

 I actually found those curtains at Good Will too for 4 dollars, and they ended up looking pretty good here.
The dinning set actually got it from Craigslist for 350 which is actually a pier 1 table and chairs that at the store go for over a 1,000 dollars brand new, so I'm happy with the deal thats more the half off, I wouldn't of had got that deal at the store even with a discount.

I still have bare walls at some places but I'm working on it, I try to find stuff here and there and some times it just takes time. I will like to get a rug for the breakfast nook, I'm thinking target.

Anyways, I hope you liked my kitchen, stay post for tomorrows post on what I did to fix my mail stack.

Yadi B. 


  1. It does a lot of character to the cabinets! I would've loved to see a similar pattern to your curtains though...i LOVE those shabby chic curtains! But it does look great....

    btw..hook me up w/that scale. I'm on a diet and need to measure food!

    1. The one by the sink and window or the ones by the breakfast nook? or both hahah

      I will look for one for you I really like this one, I like the old look of it

  2. The ones by the sink and window....with the roses....ahhhhh, i can almost smell them. :)

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