Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Doorless With A Pop.

I been doing little changes here and there on the kitchen and as you might remember from last weeks post I added a chalk board to one of my kitchen walls.

This week, I moved a little more to the left to work on some of my cabinets.

(Sorry for the picture it is not the best but that's the only before picture that looks good enough)
Anyways, I been wanting to have open shelving, but I'm not ready to do a whole remodeling on the kitchen just yet so I decided  to just removed  some of the doors of the cabinets.

I figure those were gonna be the less obvious ones.

Here we are, door less and not looking so bad huh!!!!. Even though I liked how it looked like that; I decided to do the same thing I did with the desk drawers and add pretty paper to the back, so I gather my supplies one more time.

...So I really didn't end up using the the lever or ruler for that matter, I ended up just using a piece of paper to cut out to the measurements of the cabinets, and using that as my guide. Whatever works right!!!!

Once cut, I just added the glue which is the same one I used for the desk .

I made sure I got rid of the bubbles and wrinkles, it may still have some do to the fact that it is wet from the glue, but once it dries it should smooth out. After that I did the same with the rest.

Here it is once all the sections were finish, unfortunately I didn't get to finish the one on the other side since it was late already, and I was trying to finish at least one just for the purpose of having a blog today hahahha. But I will give you a little preview and will have the whole thing tomorrow so come back.


I think I'm able to display some of my kitchen stuff with a pretty background. Even if I want to put the doors back on, I still can. Maybe I can add some with glass that way you still can see inside, but for now I really like how it is looking.

What do ya think?

Come back tomorrow for  the whole view of both sides, and  whole view of how my kitchen used to look from this to now.



  1. Very cute! Love the pop of color and I'm a big fan of open shelves. Great job!


    1. thank you!!!!!

      Is nice getting comments from other bloggers, you're actually the first one commenting on one of my post thanks.

      I love your stuff

      Yadi B.


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