Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lets chalk it up!!!!

I was gonna make this post yesterday but didn't quiet finish, but now that I have it ready lets chalk!!!

Is been a while since I been wanted to make a chalk board in my kitchen but I couldn't decide where to make it ether on one of the cabinets doors or one of the walls, but I finally made up my mind.

For a while the breakfast area looked like this, it hasn't change much except for that wall, since that clock is not longer there. So  decided to use that wall to make my chalk board. 

so I got to work....
I measured the size I wanted it to be and just added painters tape for my guide.

Then I started painting.

You can find chalk paint at any craft store or home improvement, I already had some paint from when I made some chalk boards for my wedding, after that i just follow the instructions  then just follow the instructions.
I did about three coats just to make sure it stays put even after wiping several times. and it came out like this.

 I still didn't want it to look like a floating square in the wall, even though it didn't look so bad.
I actually found a shelf at Good Will for only 4 bucks a while back but hadn't had the chance to used it.

 I just added some paint, I follow the same steps as with the desk which you can find here.
I also never have where to put my purse so it always ends up in a chair, and wanted to be able to hang stuff of the shelve.
I went to hobby lobby since they always have cute nobs, and fond this cuties at 50% off.

Aren't they cute? hahahah

After the shelf was dry I added the nobs to it and was ready to be hang.

I also got some cute stuff to add to it, also at the Good Will, ( this could really be a Good Will challenge)

this little container was 50 cents and chalk $1.00 after coupon at hobby lobby.

Everything looks better in glass containers.
I also found this little bird, only $1.50 at Good Will

The final out come was......

Hopefully it really does help me remember things I need during the week, since that's the reason why I did it, or was it for the look? maybe both hahhah

What do ya think
maybe I could add trim around it to make it look more like a frame

What ya think?

Hope ya liked it remember to follow me if you like what you see.
stay post for another project and progress on the craft room.

Yadi B.


  1. I know you like vintage stuff, so you might consider putting a coca-cola frame or something like that. I love that you can hang stuff on the knobs.

  2. I would have never thought about that. Awesome idea

  3. That turned out great! Do you have textured walls? If so, do you think that affects it? I'd frame it, like you mentioned, just to give it a little extra "oomph", but it looks great as-is if you don't decide to do that. I also LOVE the little container you're keeping the chalk in. Adorable. Come check out my Pinterest Challenge submission here.

    1. Yes, I do have texture walls.

      So far the chalk works find is not completely smooth but it works.
      I been thinking that maybe if I do a couple more coats it might get a little smoother.

      I have also thought of framing it, I just haven't got it done. (talking about being lazy)

      thank you for the tips.

      I will defiantly check it out.


      Yadi B.


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