Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Mail Is Here.

We Hello dear friends, I'm back with yet another project that I hope you like.
As you might recall from yesterdays post on My Kitchen mail mess. 

At least here it was kind of organized but is never really this clean hahah

 Back before we even bought the house I had bought this bread box at Good Will, but since then ( 10 months later) I still hadn't used it.

 Don't get me wrong I really liked it but I just didn't need it to store bread and even though I love the little farm animals that came up with another way to put this baby to use.

I decided to paint it (goodbye cute farm animals), I took off all of the hinges and the knob; which by the way was pretty greasy. Who ever used it before really put it to use.

Now that all the hinges were off, I was ready to prime and paint many coats.
I sanded it a little bit but it really didn't do it much just enough to remove some grease. Sorry about this. It looks like my camera caught some of the spray paint particles, but that's the best one.

 I might not be saving tomorrow by spray painting huh!!!!!

After my semi-coat if primer, I did my first coat of paint.

Then another one, and another one ( just let it dry in between coats or it will drip)

 For the lid I did something a little different, I first did coats of white but I forgot to take a picture, lets just say it still looked like this hahhaha


Is the same picture as the one with the primer, but for the purpose of this we will say it is the paint hahhahah 
Anyways after the lid had a good coat of white I added some words with painters tape.

I'm glad I was able to get them straight since i didn't feel like measuring hahahahah
I'm lazy for certain things, pretty much after this I spray painted over it too, a couple of times too.

It took me two days to do the painting since I only had the time in the afternoons after work, and since it has to dry on one side before I can do the other, all I could do is wait. Once it was all dry I was ready to put it back together.

Pretty crispy I love it.

I decided to keep the hinges it had and the knob but I might change it.

Looks nice huh!!!!

All was left was to take the tape off and it was ready to go.

I really really LOVE how it came out.

I really hope I can stay organized with this mail box and at the same time look cute in my kitchen.
Now when the mail comes and I don't have time to go through it I can just through it there until I have the time to do so.

Big difference from this huh!!!!

Even though the cute farm animals will be miss ( mostly from my mom, since she loves cows), I'm happy I can finally put it to use.

Yadi B. 

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  1. The little lamb is gonna come disturb your sleep at night for removing it!

    I like to box....i guess it works out when you actually look at your mail and it doesn't go straight in the mine.


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