Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mexican Castles

 Recently I made a trip to Mexico City to visit family, they were all really sweet at taking me out and around the City. I must say there's a lot of people there, but they all seem very friendly. At first I was a little hesitated on going since as must of us know the situation in Mexico is not the best, but once I got there it didn't seem so bad, I even slept with my window open ( mostly because it was so hot there and they have no AC at all ). I'm guessing maybe the border is where is the worst.

Even though I was only a short 4 days, I had a great time going down town and checking out the area.
One thing that is hard is getting around, I haven't had the opportunity of being in New York, but I'm thinking it must be something like it. If you want to get around town you have to ether ride the Metro System or taxi other wise you be stuck in traffic for a long time, and what was supposed to be a 10 min ride can turn into a 2 hour ride.

Another thing was it's drivers OMG!!!!
I felt like we were gonna crash every 3 seconds!

One thing I did enjoy very much is their food (which is not very healthy and greasy) but hey I don't eat it all the time right.

Anyways here's some pictures from their down town area and Aztec ruins.

 Some of the castles were being remodel, but they were still beautiful.  

 This building can be consider the Mexican Empire State.
Is one of their tallest and famous building

 This was a very neat narrow street with several shopping and restaurant around where people can just walk without having to worry about cars.

I love how the people are so calm and down to earth, almost as if they were just relaxing.

Is crazy to think that in the middle of a downtown area with crazy driving a many buildings, you can also find Aztec Ruins right in the middle of it. 

Oh look there I am. 

That in the distance is the cathedral.
According to some people ( was told this by my aunt hahah ) they have found more ruins under the cathedral but due to religious people, they wanna denied it, so they wont tear down the church.

 I also came to the discover of some last relatives of my husband hahahah
As I went along learning about the history of this place I came to this piece of  information, according to this poster Leopoldo Batres ( get it, it has my last name) was one of the archaeologist during that time period and in head charge of some of the excavations and discoveries.

Who would of thought I will find history about this last mane here, since my husband parents are from El
Salvador. hahahah

 This picture was taken many years ago (don't have date) when the ruins were first discovered

I had lots of fun visiting family and traveling in the city, and I'm planing on going back. There's many things to do in the city and out side of it, so if you ever get the chance of going please enjoy it.

Yadi B.

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  1. The architecture on those buildings is breath taking. I want some of that food you were talking about!


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