Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Paint complications


Well that's how I felt this weekend, I finally started the project of painting the craft room. BUT when I went to the store and picked a color I thought was PERFECT, now don't get me wrong I don't hate the color, I just was hoping for another outcome something with... lets just say more color!!!!!!

Well to start the room was HOT PINK, thats very bright and colorful and even though I love hot pink it was just to much for that room which made it small and dark.

 So this is how it looked before, remember from last weeks post?

Well it didn't change much i really didn't have anywhere to put all this stuff that supposed to go here, but it needs to be organized. So I took out as much as I could and the rest left in the middle of the room. sorry for the mess.

Once I had space on all the walls and not being able to walk on the hallway (now I know why the husband didn't wanted me to do it Memorial Day due to the fact that we were having people over).
The next thing was removing that curtain rod and putting some wall putty. I'am putting curtains back in the room, but I wanted to bring it up and make them wider. IT is all about the illusion of making the room look bigger.

Should I keep the glowing space stickers hahaha!!!!, what if the light goes out, I wont be in the dark!!!.

The good thing was that the holes weren't that bad. The previous owners were actually pretty good about covering all the holes in the walls other then the ones from curtains.

Is not perfect but it does the job. while letting it dry I stated painting the other walls, that's when the complications began; I know, I'm over reacting a little bit, and that it is not that bad actually; but it wasn't what I was going for, but hey!! it does not always goes the way we want it right ha!

Anyways first of all, the color that I had picked at the store looked liked it had a lot more color at the store than once at my house, now I know that you should always try the paint under the lighting of your house, but since I had already bought the paint I couldn't it change it anymore.

So I ended up with almost white walls...... oh well
Should I also mention the fact that this little room ended up using two gallons of paint, TWO, so I had to make another trip to the store. while at the store I found another color that I liked but I wasn't about to paint the whole room again, so I just bought the sample to see how it looks in the room and what could i do with it, but more on that later since I might need your help on that. Anyways this is how the ended up which it is a big difference from the pink and it looks brighter and bigger. 

Do you see the junk in the hall way... and there was more to the right and left.

Now about that other paint color I was talking about, here is where I will like to know your opinion please. The problem is that I can't decide if I should just leave it like that and add color with the accessories and such or use the the other paint color and paint the ceiling or maybe do some type of pattern on the walls or like an accent wall.

Here's some samples.
I didn't paint the ceiling but you can probably picture it.

here's both the  patterns I was thinking I could make, and the color I had chosen is kind of a light teal color, I really like it. For all the chevron pattern fans (including me). I thought it be fun not they are not perfect due to the fact that I don't know if I should make them or just paint the ceiling that color, SOME HELP PLEASE, I'M BEING VERY INDECISIVE
  1.  Thin chevron lines

2. Thick Chevron lines 

This one makes me think of Charlie Brown. hahah!!!!!

  So in the end my options will be...
  1. Leaving it just the way it is, just one color 
  2. Painting the ceiling with the color chosen 
  3. Make thin chevron lines 
  4. Make thick chevron lines
  5. Maybe both?????????
  6. Should I make them on the wall with the window or the one to the right of it 
  7. Maybe both????????
  8. The whole room?? might look to busy???? 
Decisions, decisions, so hard to make.

Could I get some opinions?

Yadi B.  

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