Friday, June 8, 2012

A Pretty Opening

As I showed you a few days back i been working on my craft room, but it has only gone as far as picking paint and painting a desk. As of now my dinning room has been the one used as my junk  craft room.  

Which before that, it has only got new paint job, a painting on the wall, a runner and some flowers, it still need a lot of work. =(

 And the room that supposed to be my craft room has a lot more junk.

  1. Goodwill find that will come in handy for storage once the room is done 
  2. Vera Bradley duffel from my trip that didn't get put up
  3. More Goodwill finds (I really like shopping at Goodwill) 
  4. Goodwill find, it will be used to organized thread 
  5. Look is Captain America  
Anyways there's a lot of stuff there hopefully this weekend it be gone, or put up.

Going back to the desk  that got a new paint job, and was brought back to life. I still wanted a little pop in the drawers.

So I gather my supplies and got to work.

I just used regular scrapbook paper and some universal wallpaper paste (works great)

I measured the paper to the drawer first and since the drawer was wider and longer than my paper I just used several cut outs.

Once I had all the pieces I applied the paste to the bottom of the drawer and layout the paper, I make sure the coiners got a little more to make sure they stayed put.

    Once all the pieces were all glue on it looked like this. Since they weren't the same pattern I just make sure they were the same color pallet. After that i just did the same thing with all the drawers.

I used all different colors of paper, that way every drawer is a surprised!!!!!!!

The final product came out to this.

I really like the turn out, is fun and cute. I really hope I can finish painting the room this weekend so this desk can to its final destination.

I really hoped you liked it too.

Yadi B.


  1. Super cute! I almost would like to leave the drawers open! The prints do add a unique flair that will get your creative juices running...

    what color are you painting the craft room?

  2. Is going to be a really light blue is mostly white. The room is really dark so I want to bright it up.

    Yadi B.


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