Friday, July 20, 2012

A Little Cork For Your Chalk

It's Friday,

I hope you're as a exited about it as me, my dear friends are coming over to make t-shirts, you might ask why? Well were going on a group vacation to Orlando, Florida in exact two weeks, and were going to some of the theme parks. We thought it be cool if we had some matching shirts to wear to Disney, they guys are out of the equation,  they don't want to be part of the matching shirt clan. 

Anyways that's what my weekend is going to consist of, oh and also keep working on the craft room, I'm really moving along.

Well back to my post.
So you remember my chalk board right?

Well, I'm glad you do if not, go to the link of how it came to be.

I have to tell you it really has become handy, because it helps us keep up with bills, and I write things I need throughout the week that I might forget about later, if I don't write them down at the moment.
Now, the problem I'm still having is that I might have some coupons for some of my groceries, or some that I need to use before they expired, but sometimes I need them to be visible for me to remember to use them, but I still hadn't done anything about it until I went to IKEA about two weeks ago (I think).

Well at IKEA they had some cork circles and I thought they were really cute and for only two dollars I knew I was gonna used them for one thing or another.

So I thought to add them to the chalk board to pin stuff next to it.

The package had three cork circles, and I also had some picture hanging strips. I did not want to nail them to the wall or make any type of hole in the walls just in case I would want to change it later on.

So, I just added them to the back of each circle.

I went a head and added the wall back to them too so I wouldn't  have to try to mach them together once they were on  the wall.

It was pretty easy adding them, I didn't even measure them I guess I could of had, but they look fine.

What do you think, I really like how they look, they add a little more texture to the wall, while being handy.
Now I'm able to add coupons,  pictures, or some other thing that I night need to remember.

(Sorry the picture is a little blurry)

My little yellow vintage car is helping with the cargo of holding pins

Is not much, but some times like they say, the little things are the ones that makes the difference.
I hope you like it, and I also hope ya have a great weekend, I'm looking forward to sharing some t-shirts with you next week.

Everyone have a great weekend.


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