Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Basic To A Little Custom Work

Finally I'm getting to the point that I'm finishing all the little projects for my craft room, from painting, to having problems with the paint, to a bunch of furniture to paint, to a updating a cork board, a rolling chair, and lamp.

I been painting some of the furniture I had here, some of it hasn't gone so good as i thought so I'm trying to figure out how to fix that, but I did finish one of them, which the outcome was this.

It took me a while to get here but I'm really happy with the outcome. This bookcase went from being a basic brown bookcase to a brighter white bookcase with a little more color and some cute feet ahaha.

My first step on this bookcase was taking it out into my garage for painting.

Once outside I did my first coat of primer and paint, and let it completely dry since in the past, I had problems with the paint for not waiting, and letting it dry all the way.

I did not paint the the back of the bookcase since I had other plans for it.

I also bought some feet to add to the bottom of the bookcase so I can make it look a little more custom and less basic.

I gave them a coat of paint before adding them to the case just so I can make sure I get paint all over.

Once the case was dry from the first coat and the feet were dry too.  I flip the bookcase upside down to add the feet. I made the wholes for the screws and added glue to the inside for more support.

After all four were added and were a little dry I gave them once last coat of paint to make everything even, after they were dry I flipped the bookcase back up to put some pressure on the feet to really put a seal on them.

And gave it once last coat of paint to even out where it was missing some, after that I pretty much just let it dry for about three days.

For the back of the case I found this really cute gift wrapping paper at target that was also for sale, so I thought I could use it for the back since it was really going to tide in with the whole pink, orange, and yellow theme. 

I went a head and brought the bookcase back inside to let it dry some more, since the humidity doesn't let the paint dry all the way, I also went a head and added the paper to the back.

I just laid out the paper down to see how long it will be and cut where it ran from one side to the other.
What helped cut it straight and have a idea of where to cut exactly were the lines in between the leafs, since they went straight through out the paper, and helped me not having to measure.

Then I just added wallpaper glue to the back and glued the paper. I had to make two cut outs since the length wasn't as long as the case, but you can't even tell where the other piece is at.

 I was worry about the paper, because it was so thin is not like regular wallpaper and I didn't know if the paper was gonna go back to solid white without the brown of the back showing through it. So I decided I didn't wanna wait until it was dry, so I grab my blow drier and started drying it. I was very happy to see that once it started drying the back wasn't showing any more. 

 Here's once the whole thing was dry, I was so happy it did come out right, and looked so good.

There was a few wrinkles but it was expected due to the paper.

Doesn't it look good?
Once the whole thing was dry I added the shelves and it was ready to be accessorize.

So, here we go all done with a few of the stuff I have to decorate it with, and what about those feel? don't they make it look even better?.

From my crafty lamp a simple frame and a pottery barn piggy bank.

I vintage jar from Goodwill with some ribbon, some books and a vintage bowl from Goodwill too.

I metal basket with some left over fabric, a empty frame and a jar that I yet have to put something in it, and my initial.

I fabric box I found at Tuesday Morning, a vintage horse from Goodwill and another Jar.

                                                              Before and After

I hope you like how it cam out, because I sure do love it.


  1. Cute shelf! I was taken back to the 70s!

    Flower Power Rocks!!!

  2. where did you get the little round feet? love this idea!

    1. You can find them at Home Depot in the wood department I think they were like $2 some thing each.

      Hope it helps

      Thank you

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