Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fabric lamp shade

Well hello pretty ladies,

This was actually supposed to be yesterdays post but it took me a little longer than I thought, but here we go.  Last week at one of my many visits to Goodwill I found a really cute lamp but it didn't have a shade but I still really liked it, and since you can find lamp shades any where I went ahead and bought it since it was on sale from its regular price even better.

So this is how it end up looking  after I was done.

Now getting here actually took longer than I expected.

So this is how it all stated, I fond this lamp at Goodwill, without a lamp shade for 5 dollars, plus 30% off.

I so love the light bulb.

Anyways I thought it will make a nice addition to my craft room since it has a little bit of pink, I just needed to find a lamp shade. I actually went to Ikea (not just for that) and looked at some of the ones they had but the size that I found that might of had fit the lamp was still too big and I wanted ether a round not cone shade or a square one, and all they had were cone ones and they were also 20 bucks which was more than what I wanted to spend. After I went to walmart, but still didn't find one. Then yesterday I went to Target ( I should of had gone there in the first place) and finally found one for $6.00. They are actually both round and square even though it was coned, but I ended up going with the square one.

So far so good right.

I still wanted to look a little different so I thought of adding some fabric.The same ones that I had bought for the room since I have lot's of extras, but then as I was looking through goodwill's clothes I ran into this cute little skirt that just happen to be the colors I'm using in my craft room, and since it definitely doesn't fit me i figure it be good fabric to use, might as well use it for something else.

I love the patten, the oranges and pinks and hints of white.

So I just figure it should look like this.

Now here's where the hard part came up. Since the is cone shaped the top is smaller than the bottom so it meant that I had to figure out a way to make it even all around. So I started by cutting the skirt in the middle for a opening starting point.

Then I did the guide cut. 

 Then I started to run it all through out the shade. I thought that gluing it as a whole piece would of had been easier, so I started to glue it.

But it ended up not working when I would move on to the next side the fabric kept sifting sideways and wouldn't cover the other end, and the glue wasn't keeping it together ( well also I wasn't using fabric glue or  mod podge), so I just moved on from that and figured out a different way.

So then I decided to just cut out every panel and tuck in the ends, and I also ended up using my glue gun.
 I started with the big panels since they're the ones that you see the most and just glued it all around.

I did the same with all four cut outs with out gluing the ends, once I had all my cut outs glued, I moved on to the edges. I first made my fold so it was easier to glue to the shade.

Once I had my fold I was able to glue it to the shade.

After gluing it, it ended up like this

As you can see, it looks as if it was sewed or made as part of the shade. Then, I just went ahead and did the same with all four sides, I was also really happy that finally it was coming along after trying to figure our how to make it look even and smooth.

Once I was done with all my folds, I was ready to glue the top and bottom of the shade. I trimmed and glue all the tops first .

(sorry about my nails I had been testing nail polish at target, they were on sale!!!!)

I also had to cut in the middle to be able to fold were the wire was at.

This is how it came out once cut and glued

I went a head and did the bottom also, that how I was able to come out with this.

 Make sure you trim any left over fabric in the inside, because once you turn it on you'll be able to see all the extra fabric in the inside.

 Here's once finish, how the corners ended up looking.

I actually think it looks better as if I would of had added the fabric as a whole. What do you think?

After that I just added it to the lamp and it was good to go.

What do you think do you like it or not? hahha

One thing I might have to change is the light bulb, it's actually sticking out of the lamp shade just a bit.

Here's a side view, once again I love how the folds ended up looking.

Here's with the light on, I think I need a little more light power than that.

 I took this one without the flash

 I also had fabric left, which I can still use.
maybe I can make a little clutch or a make up bag, or what do you think I should make?

  I like that it already includes a zipper, since I wouldn't have to add one if I need one. 

Anyways sorry for being a day late with it, but I hope you like it.

Don't forget to leave your comments I sure will like to know what you think.

till next time.

Yadi B.


  1. Any way I look at it you are my kind of gal.
    Goodwill AND 30% off?Yes!
    I love what you did with the shade.
    I found you on bog up.
    Malika the No Non-cents Nanna

    1. Aww thank you.

      I love goodwill, who doesn't hahah.


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