Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Hot Pink Not So Hot Pink...

So last weekend I made a trip to my local Home goods store looking for accessories for my craft room, I found some stuff but not as much as I would of like to, but I guess I can make more trips later. Anyways when I went to look at their rugs I ran upon this cute long rug and I immediately felt in love with, the only problem was that it was long wise more for a hallway or side of a bed or kitchen rug more than a area rug.

But I still wanted it the only thing was that it's hot pink and my husband is not crazy about pink in the house just on me and little girls hahah.

So I took a chance and took it home and told him I had found a reddish hot pink rug for the hall way, good thing was that when I got home and laid it on the floor he said it look more red than hot pink, which it really does it's a hot pink border line red. So he aproved and I kept it now I just wish I can find two more that can go throughout my whole wall way.

Here's a before picture of how my hallway looks so far.

This will be the view coming in into the hallway into the rooms.
I just started hanging frames in the hallway since I'm planning to make my gallery here. 

This one is looking at it from my laundry room and to my right is my soon to be craft room and to the left it goes into the living room. As you can see I just have a few frames in the walls some don't even have pictures yet.

This one is looking at it from the master room into my laundry room. My laundry room has yet to be decorated . You get to see some of my folded clothes hahah

 This one will be the corner turn into the hall way from the living room. As you can see this frame doesn't have any pictures yet.

This Picture is one of my favorite pictures, because it shows how all of us really are.

The rest are pictures from our engagement and wedding.

The there's this one from our honeymoon all by it's self =( 

 Anyways here it is once I added the rug that I got.

Like I said the rug really doesn't look pink but more of a reddish color, it looks more pink under natural sun light but unfortunately I took these pictures at night.

I love the tribal look to it, it's fun and different something unexpected which is always good

Like I said at the beginning of the blog I would like to find two more so I can add one at the entrance of the hallway and one more to the side of the laundry room. But so far this is how it's looking. 

 As you can see I need one more to this side of the picture. I'm gonna try to go to other locations and see if I can find the same one, since I'm sure it probably won't look good adding other type of rugs.

Anyways I hoped ya liked the new run and the progress of my hallway.

Yadi B.

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  1. It makes the hallway look warm and inviting. It reminds me of an animal print...i likes!


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