Monday, July 2, 2012

A Little Less Darkness And A Little More Brightness

Hey guys,
I really hope everyone had a great weekend, as for me it was a really wet weekend in Houston, but that didn't stop me from doing some work around the house.

First I will like to mention that I yet to get better at this whole blogging, since most of the time I do something and I don't  think about the fact fact that I can blog about it (this blog will be the case) or if I do think about it by then I'm half way done with it and didn't take before pictures. I need to come up with a calendar and topics to blog about, but don't worry I'm getting there for whom may read my blog.

Anyways back to the story,

See they thing with this house is that it seems that ALL the light bulbs, and fixtures in this house were just waiting for us to move in, because as soon as we did they ALL started to go out or messing up. First thing we did was to change all they bulbs for high efficiency ones. (got to save some money), but we still got to change a lot of them, more important ones, the one in the living room and kitchen, but the one that has been giving us the most problem lately is the front entrance chandelier. First the light bulbs went out and we had to change them, then one of the 3 light buds went out and didn't work even after replacing them, so since then our front door has been in the dark. Now this is the part that I'm talking about I didn't take a before picture about how dark it looked before. Sorry guys.

Anyways, finally this weekend we went to lowes and got ourselves a new fixture that will fit actual light buds, since the one before had three small chandelier bulbs.

First of all we had to get rid of another problem we were having, which was some wasps that were right in the front door ceiling making a hive already. I got rid of them with the water hose, once again no picture guys.The problem was that they kept coming back so we need to go buy something to make them go away.

Anyways, once that was taking care of we turned off the breaker to the front entrance

 And if you're as lucky as me and didn't have to try each one of them until you found the right one because they were labeled than you just saved yourself some time. Thanks to the old owners they had each breaker label to it designated location.

Once that was taken care off,I removed the old chandelier

If it wasn't for electrical problems I would of had kept it, since I actually liked it, with a paint job it would of had looked brand new.

Once I took it off it had the wires exposed

 Man it sure was dusty up there.

After that I just measured how long I wanted the new fixture, and connected the wires ground with ground, positive with positive, negative with negative. To tell you the truth I wasn't sure winch one was positive and negative on the fixture since they weren't color coded but since they weren't I figured they were the same, and It actually worked. Once again no pictures of how it ended I'm sorry, I will try more next time.

After it was all hooked up I put a light bulb in and tested it.

We also went with a high efficiency bulb, although I really love the candle look from other bubs they just waste a lot more electricity, not to say this bub was 11 bucks, woah!!!! But you save more in the long run, and it didn't look as bad as a I thought.

All done and it worked.

 It was still day light here so you can't really tell how bright it is, but it sure looks good.

Here is My front Door.
I been thinking if I should paint the Door Red, but the wood stain still looks in really good shape, so I might just wait longer.  

A close up of the inside.
I ended up putting the chain  the same way the previous owners had it. I'm not sure if they did it this way because they couldn't remove the excess chain, or so it will have some support or maybe both so I just did the same.

That's my dog "chilly" named by my husband. Currently that's the only pet we have =(
I think it's in the need of some paint. 

Some of my plants that haven't died yet hahahah

 Here's once it got dark and was able (remembered) to take a night picture.

See the other plant there, Yea those have died. =(

Anyways, it was pretty easy to change the light fixture, It was worth the time since were a little less in the Darkness and a little more Brighter.

I might of not got stung by a wasp, but I sure did attract an army of mosquitoes But it was well worth it. (not really I'm so itchy)

Stay tune guys, I got a lot more stuff done this weekend, some of it has to do with the stuff for my craft room 

Yadi B.

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