Thursday, July 26, 2012

Looking for the floor for the new rug

Fist of all, I'm sorry I haven't been posting lately for the people out there that keep up with me, lets just say it has been crazy at work this week.

So even though I had to clean the craft room when I painted the room,  lets just say the mess came back.  So bad where I couldn't walk by the room any more.

So finally I cleaned again, got rid of anything that I don't need or use, and the rest put it in boxes and tucked in the closets for the moment.

Even captain American, made it in here.
Pillows, sheets, you name it, this room usually endes up being the junk room as we come through the garage door to the hall way.

I had three boxes and bags full with trash by the time I was done.

I have a lot of frames that I buy at goodwill with the intention of painting them and hanging them with pictures down in my hall way.

But I never get to do it, so for now I put them all together in the closet.

Along with a bunch of pictures and albums I have.

Other stuff in general.
Wedding dress at the end of the closet if you can see.

So finally you can see the floor once again.

Pictures suck, I know I'm sorry.

Also the reason why I really made the effort of cleaning the floor is because I finally found a rug for the room that is cheap and I mean cheap for a 5 x 7.

I was looking at Urban Outfitters like I do every once in a while to see what they had on sale, and I just happen to run upon a rug that has the color skin I am going for, and I was also looking for one.

They had the general size I was thinking of getting but I didn't want to pay crazy money for it.
So when I saw the price and size and color, I was determined to get it.

It was only $30 bucks for a 5 x 7 which always go for more than $150 at most places even here, and I was lucky they still had that size, so I went ahead and bought it, and waited patiently for it to come in. Once it did I ran to lay it down (not really)

At first I laid it horizontally, buy I didn't like that the chair couldn't run over it when it was taken out from under the desk, and it just seemed smaller this way.

So, I went ahead and laid it vertically and it just looked better, and the chair wasn't getting stuck with the rug, I have enough space to move freely.  

And I totally love the colors and texture of the rug it's easy to clean mostly in a craft room.

It has the oranges, and pinks but also a hint of yellow orangiest and red with some natural fibers.
Which doesn't seem to girly (even though I love girly). I love the plain strips that don't look to busy.

I will show this side of the room since it the one that has the most decorating stuff in the room (still working on stuff) I still have lots to hang and add.

In a way I'm glad  I stayed with the semi white walls because everything pops against it and it doesnt look to matchy matchy (I think)

Here you can see how I have space to roll in and out from the desk without rolling up the rug every time I try to get out. 

Well I hope everyone is liking the way everything is coming out is still a work in progress but I have come far from where I first started.

I sure am happy with my barging find of a good $30 dollars rug that I absolutely love, and didn't just seattle for the price.

What ya think of the new rug and how everything is coming out?

have a great day everyone.


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