Monday, July 9, 2012

A Rolling Bright Yellow Chair

Hey guys hope everyone had a great weekend, I sure do  know I did. My husband took me to the Houston Symphony which I will tell you it is a first for him, since he is not big on shows or Broadway or anything of that for that matter.
The reason why he took me was because he is a really big video gamer, and it just happen that they were having a show about a game he is really crazy about named, Zelda. Now I don't know anything about this game other than the character looks like robin hood, but anyways it was actually really good besides the fact that I kind of felt like I was waiting for the premiere of twilight or something where people dress like the characters, not everyone was dressed like that but there were a few. Other than that the show was beautiful and it gave me a reason to dress up and drink some over price wine hahahha.  

Anyways going back to the reason of this post.

Remember my other sneak peek

Well it's actually a rolling chair I found at Goodwill for $10 dollars which is in really good condition and really sturdy and rolls really smoothly.

I just love the antique look of it is in really good shape all it needs is some good spray painting and it's like new, and it beats the price of any brand new chair I would of had got.

As you might have noticed if you been following my blog, the colors I'm going with for my craft room are orange, yellow and hot pink, and since my wall color didn't come with much color as I wanted, I figure I will add the pops of color with the furniture and accessories. 

I decided to go with the yellow for the chair since it was really going to be a pop of color in the room.

I sure do love how the color came out it looks so pretty and bright.

I had run out of tape to cover the metal part and since it was raining I didn't feel like running to the home improvement store so I decided to just try to avoid the metal as much as I could, and just sand it off once the chair was dry. There's still some of it left but it doesn't look so bad (maybe I should of had gone to the store but I was lazy) 

Here's a little closer look to the bottom. Does it look too bad?

I'm still adding a cushion to the chair so the bottom can be a little more comfy.
Which I already have.

 Which I'm planing to cover with one of the fabrics I have showed you already.

For the cushion I have chosen this white polka dot one since it bonced off the yellow in the chair and it's still has a little of the yellow, orange and pink.

Which once I cover it, it should look a little more of a snug fit.
I still have to figure out how to do it since I don't know how to sew or have one for the matter maybe I can do it with the heat and bond tape I used for my curtains

 I love how the white in the fabric makes the chair even brighter of what it already is. 

The chair went from wood and green tone to a bright yellow and it sure looks good.

I hope you like it too.
Things are moving kind of slow for my craft room but I'm getting there. I hope to finish soon so I can start working in it.

Yadi B.


  1. Looks awesome. You could have used aluminum foil to cover the wheels too. I got the tip off Pinterest (they used to foil to cover doorknobs while painting a door.

    1. Ah man!!!

      Why didn't I think of that.
      Oh well, I will try to remove it a little bit more or maybe paint the metal, but over all it doesn't look to bad thanks for the tip.
      I will for sure keep it in mind next time.

  2. Where are my shades???!!??

    It looks great. A happy chair indeed!

  3. YEAY!
    This one is looking bright yellow;)
    Love the color!

    1. haha!!

      thank you.
      I love bright colors hah!

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