Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Talking about boy rooms...

As you may know I been working on my craft room for quite some time already, but there's another room in the house that is personalized to our hobbies and that one will be my husbands game room.

Unfortunately I married a guy that is really into video games (old games more than anything) so when we were looking for a house that was one of the most important things things for him, according to him he didn't care how the whole house looked as long as it had a game room. So when it came to look for houses, most of them had a room so that wasn't a problem but most of the houses I didn't like, and it came to be; that the one we fell in love with (there was another house I felt in loved with first but lets not talk about that, strong feelings come out, since that was the perfect fixer upper I wanted ) didn't have one (the one we currently live in) but it did had an office right of the front door entrance.

There was a dilemma though, I wanted him to have it for his game room, BUT, I didn't want people that came to our house to walk into a room full of games, it might be ok if it was a house full of guys, but is not. We discuss using the room that Im using for my craft room which you can find here and  here 
but the problem was that the room is not big enough.When we have people over and want to play and, not to mention he really wanted the office.

Another problem was that he didn't want me to decorate it at all ( yea right ), so I told him that if he wanted that room he would have to let me do certain stuff to it to make it look nice.

Unfortunately I ddin't take any before pictures before painting the room, but lets just say it wasn't my first chose of color. Here's a picture of how we started back in October, Sorry for the picture but it was the only one I could find from back then and it was taken with my phone.

All of that furniture is from our old apartment, the tv stand was actually brown before and was used for my china.

Even there you're already starting to see games at the bottom.

I was actually gonna keep this piece for the dinning room, but once again I let him kept it for his systems since it has easy access in the back. Although I did decided to paint it to go more with the red and blue theme I was going for.

We also got some IKEA billy bill bases in basic while.

 Which then I painted red and added some wallpaper just like in here and here.

 The paper is actually more of a navy blue.
 Which ended up looking like this.

 I actually had many troubles painting this babies so I'm just happy that I'm done with them except for the fact that  he wants more shelves so I have to paint then once we get them.

So far this is how it is looking.

I still need to hang stuff on this wall since is naked at the moment

Look at godzilla it is replacing books and flowers that would usually go on a end table hahha

Almost has every system
What a dork hahah

There's many more games in the back and in storage since he doesn't have enought stortage at the moment

A fire  hydrant I found at Good Will where I put candy for the kiddo aka my husband

 A Dr. Pepper sign I yet have to hang

The only type of lighting there is in this room at the moment working on installing a fan

I'm also working on making some curtains I already got the fabric I just need to actually make them

Is really a major improvement from where we started and we will keep going. 

I would also love to give ya a sneak peek of some of the craft room stuff I been working on like
New Fabric

And some of the furniture I been Painting

It is really coming along I just need to finish painting most of the furniture that I showed ya in here

Anyways I would like to know what ya think of the game room. share it on pinterest.


Yadi B.


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