Friday, July 6, 2012

Updating A GoodWill Cork Board

Hey guys I hope you all had a great midweek break. I sure know I did spending time in the pool with friends and eating lots of food.

Anyways, so the craft room is moving slowly but surely, remember the sneak peek I gave you on the fabric.

Well one of this pretty fabrics is going to be used for this project. More like this one.

I found a cork board at goodwill, on one of my twice a week trips (yes twice a week) there were actually many of them and they sure do beat the $10 dollars and plus price tag at target to only $2 dollars at goodwill.

Now, the trim was lose and was coming off, so I just took it off. Which is ok since I was going to do that anyways. 

My plan was to just cover the whole thing and add ribbon across just like a regular dorm board

As you can see the staple gun in the back I was ready to do that but when I was folding it on the other side I started liking how the trim looked instead of the whole thing. The fabric is kind of busy and it just looked like a square covered in fabric, so I changed my mind and just did the trim.

The good thing about the fabric is that it has straight lines so it is good as a guide line. So that's how I based myself on how wide I wanted the trim.

I left two blocks as my trim plus one for my folding

Now this is how I stapled this to the back, but is also how it looked at the beginning when I just stapled it to the back.

I also used the glue gun to glue the folding and to the board from the front, for a seamless look.

It helped to glue the folding first. Since I didn't have to be worried about not being even while i was trying to glue it.

I did the corners as you would do with wrapping paper and tried to over lap it where it would looked like the same square, kind of like how you would do with wallpaper.

As you can see it almost looks like the same square.

Then I just did it all around and with all the corners

The board ended looking like this.

I still have to hang it up, and pin my ideas to it but at least I am done with one more project. I absolutely love it, and I like the fact that you can still tell it is a cork board. Unlike with the whole thing covered you wouldn't have noticed.


  1. I like! btw...the pool was a blast.....

    i'm thinking this would be cool to also completely cover and cris-cross with ribbon and but buttons where they overlap so you can slide pictures know what i mean??!!

    1. Yea I know what you mean hahahah.

      I was thinking of doing that when I was gonna cover the whole thing.
      I'm not sure if I still can since I wouldn't like to over lap it on the trim or take it off to add the ribbon.

      Yadi B.


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