Monday, July 16, 2012

Weeds And Branches...

Hello sweet ladies.

I hope all of you had a great weekend,  I spent my weekend hiding from the rain that's been happening all week since last week, is been raining EVERY DAY in Houston. For sure I know were not in a drought compare to last year, but it has been making everything grown a lot faster around here including branches and weeds. So this weekend we took the time to do some cleaning and tree trimming around here before the rain showed up again. Our tree branches had been growing to much to the point that when we'll walk trough our path way we will get hit by some of them and you also couldn't see the house very well, and so were our bushes, blocking our pathway to the front door so we sure did a lot of trimming, it looked like a jungle around here (not really).

As you can see the branches are almost reaching the floor 

From the shadow you can tell how far they span out wich is good because they create a lot of shade but at the same time their getting all up on our faces when we or any visit we have walks by it, so some trim had to be done at least on some of the long branches.

 As you can see on this one the branches drop so much that you can't see much to the front door.

We also had a lot of weeds all over the house due to all the rain that been going on for over a week and a half.

This poor little shrub was being over taken by the weeds, besides the fact that is all butcher  from the one time my brother helped weed eat.

 Here's once I trimmed most of the long branches, you really can't tell much from this picture but it was a big difference.

As you can see I did cut a lot of branches off the trees.

There's my dear husband doing some trim work also.

The shrubs by the entrance were also over taken by weeds and were over gowned.

You can hardly see any of the mulch.

Once I took all of the weeds and trim all of the bushes you can finally see the black mulch and neatly trim.

I need a little more color here, some flowers will be good right!!!!

Just as we were finishing the rain started coming AGAIN, but fortunately we  were able to finish picking up and cleaning everything up before it got heavy. Although it didn't go as well for our front door neighbor since he had just started cutting his grass when it started raining, I do have to say I'm proud of him for finishing in the rain. 

So I wasn't able to take my after pictures right away since it started raining, but once the rain stop I head outside and took some pictures once it was all clean, and as you can see; I can actually see across the street without any branches blocking my way, and the trees look evenly trim. 

As for my bushes their also nicely trim, I plan to get rid of the some of them later on, but as for now they look good.  We didn't get to finish doing the trim on the walkway do to the fact that it started raining but is also not that badly grown so it should be good till next time.

So does the other side, You can actually tell one bush from the other.

Here's all together, all nicely trim and cut, with no branches hitting your way.

You can see the front door from out the street.

In the future I will probably like to get rid of the palm trees, but as for now I think the front yard looks great, but I would love some flowers to add some color to my yard. As for the whole view I sure I'm happy that the trees look trim and the grass nicely cut.

I also got to finish working on some of my craft room furniture so I bee showing you some of it this week so stay tune.

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