Tuesday, September 25, 2012

long summer, long time no see part 2

Continuing with yesterday's story our vacation took us to three theme parks from Orlando, but as many of you know theme parks can be really tiring mostly in a 98 deg heat and humidity, so we took a few days to go to some of the beaches close to Orlando, and man did we enjoy it.

A couple of us got to take some nice naps while relaxing, this is was I was talking about when I said I was happy to be off work.

All the girls enjoyed the sun and water and also the the clear sand.

Now I live in Houston, so Galveston is just a few minutes away from my house but it does not compare at all to the clear waters of Florida and clear sand to go with it.

My husband felt in love with this beach, we are thinking of making it a yearly thing, I love this picture of us although it has a water drop, I was lucky to have my water camera that allowed me to take many water pictures without worrying about getting it wet.

We had some nice waves to play with too,

Which helped my dear friend and his surfing board.

Not to say the random splash to the eyes.
Some of us got darker, while other just got tomato red ahahah 

Great view of the beach.

Not to say we got some unusual turtles.


The girls were more of a " I stay under the shade mood hahahha (me including , reading none stop books ) 

There we also some trying to get tan but didn't go so good

I had wild hair, trying to take a nice picture

Many group pictures to share.

Even though it started to rain in the after noon we were there long enough to have enjoyed the day to the fullest.

We had a few incidents like getting out huge 12 passenger truck stuck in the sand a few times while trying to get it out, (that sucks) I wish I would of had taken a picture. Also one of the guys got a second degree burn from the sun by not applying sun screen, really people that's serious, sun block is very important, I'm glad he was better by the second day.

Anyways the story is continuous, but I will leave it for another day. Let's just say there's a lot more to fit in one post, but I can say this I love Florida's beaches when it comes to instate beaches, my next favorite will be Mexico, I have yet to experience others, I have been to Jamaica and Haiti also, but I will still choose Florida or Mexico.

Monday, September 24, 2012

long summer, long time no see

Hey you guys;

Long time no see, I know lets just say that it has been a long time with a lot of events, vacations, and distracting books hahahha, but I have finally made it back.

There was several reasons why I have been gone so long, my last post was back in July and for the people that follow me and I apologize for not having posted anything in so long. Anyways here goes some of my reasons.

1. So the last week of July I was promoted at my job to be manager, I actually didn't have an option since the girl that was there before had to leave and I was the best suited for the job. It was really tough on me not to say that it was the end of the month, I only had 1 week training and, I was going on vacation in two weeks. Let's just said when my vacation came I can say it was well deserved, I worked so much overtime that I had to put blogging aside since I was so tired after work to even think of working at home.

2. My second reason was three little books by E L James that many of you have read already, lets just say I got hooked on them I didn't want to do anything but to read one after another, I have read all three books twice, not proud of it, but it is such an emotional story, anyways lets just say the husband was happy once I was done with that since all I would do was read and read.

3. Liked I said we also had our vacation which was lots of fun, we went with several of our close friends to Orlando Florida, it was a week long vacation that went way to fast. We went to both universal studios and Magic Kingdom Disney. It was so hot though I will recommend going in the winter instead.

This was only part of my vacation trip fun, I don't want to give all the details just in one post hahah, tomorrow I will keep going with the whole summer vacations and crazy, book, and work stories.  I think this is enough for one day. I hope you enoy some of my precious pictures. Which took a long time to edit and up load since it was over 500 pictures all together, imagine making a online book with them, I kind of gave up on that at the moment. Considering all the time it takes.