Monday, September 24, 2012

long summer, long time no see

Hey you guys;

Long time no see, I know lets just say that it has been a long time with a lot of events, vacations, and distracting books hahahha, but I have finally made it back.

There was several reasons why I have been gone so long, my last post was back in July and for the people that follow me and I apologize for not having posted anything in so long. Anyways here goes some of my reasons.

1. So the last week of July I was promoted at my job to be manager, I actually didn't have an option since the girl that was there before had to leave and I was the best suited for the job. It was really tough on me not to say that it was the end of the month, I only had 1 week training and, I was going on vacation in two weeks. Let's just said when my vacation came I can say it was well deserved, I worked so much overtime that I had to put blogging aside since I was so tired after work to even think of working at home.

2. My second reason was three little books by E L James that many of you have read already, lets just say I got hooked on them I didn't want to do anything but to read one after another, I have read all three books twice, not proud of it, but it is such an emotional story, anyways lets just say the husband was happy once I was done with that since all I would do was read and read.

3. Liked I said we also had our vacation which was lots of fun, we went with several of our close friends to Orlando Florida, it was a week long vacation that went way to fast. We went to both universal studios and Magic Kingdom Disney. It was so hot though I will recommend going in the winter instead.

This was only part of my vacation trip fun, I don't want to give all the details just in one post hahah, tomorrow I will keep going with the whole summer vacations and crazy, book, and work stories.  I think this is enough for one day. I hope you enoy some of my precious pictures. Which took a long time to edit and up load since it was over 500 pictures all together, imagine making a online book with them, I kind of gave up on that at the moment. Considering all the time it takes.

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