Monday, October 29, 2012

A little Antique Shopping On A Fall Cool Day Never Hurts Anyone... Right

So, as many of you know; Texas is a hot state and even in October the heat is still pretty strong, but we were lucky enough to get some cool weather this weekend which made me very happy since this weekend was the Houston Urban Antique Show. I'm not one to be out in the heat for long periods of time, so I wasn't sure if I wanted to be out in the sun although I did wanted to look for some antiques, but thankfully it was nice enough so I put my boots on a light jacket and headed out there.

They were a lot of great goodies like all these vintage letters, I really wanted to find a big "B" but unfortunately they didn't have any, they had all other letters but a "B"

 Great furniture, and decorating pieces; vintage bikes and frames.

This piece would of had been a great buffer piece in my dinning room, but was quite out of my budget but it didn't stop me from taking a picture of it.


I also felt in love with this globes, they were so adorable.

Although I didn't buy much I did find my some neat stuff like this vintage french door keys at 9 dollars each, which was not bad at all. since some other lots had some more at 25 dollars a key.

I'm thinking of framing them all and hanging them in our bedroom. 

Also, even though I wasn't able to find a "B"; I did find some old numbers that I can from up representing or wedding date.

they're are quite heavy since they are pure steel, and at 2 dollars each, I couldn't pass it up.

I also bought this frame of a vintage hemisphere book, I don't  think the frame is vintage but I quite like the picture, the paper is still in pretty good shape.

So, at the end I came out with a nice buyout, along with nice weather, wine and some yummy appetizers.

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