Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fall Decor

So, this month will make a year since we bought this house, and one of the things that I was looking forward was to do all the decorating that I wanted to do since it was my house, and that will include fall decor since it is one of my favorite seasons, so last week I got to work and did a little shopping, now it's nothing major but it's something. I started by making my own wreath.

I started with a plain branch wreath.

Along with some leaves and flowers.

 I hot glue the leaves and flowers to the wreath in between the branches so it looked natural as if they belong there.

Then, it ended up looking like this.

I also wanted to add a little monogramming to it by adding our last name initial.
I already had this B but decided to make it look a little more fall like by wrapping it on some dry grass ( I'm not sure what it really is call) you can find it at the floral department at your craft store.
Let me know if any of you know what this is called so I might learn something. It would of had helped if I had kept the bag but I threw it away.

Anyways it ended up looking like this.

Then, I just attached it to the wreath with a ribbon.

After that it was ready to be hung.

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I think I could of had add more leaves, but overall I really like it, mostly how the B looks in the middle of it.

 Welcome fall, I really like you, you bring nice weather to the hot days in Houston ( most of the time anyways) 

I also added some little decoration to the front door.

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Like a bucket of pumpkins a fall welcome door mat from target and I cute fire hydrant I fond at Tuesday Morning,  along with my dog chilly.

Well that's as far as it goes with my front door, I know is a little plain but I think is cute and not over the top. Hope ya like it I still have to show you inside, stay tuned.

Have a great day everyone!

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