Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Inside Fall Decor

 So yesterday I showed you the Front Door of my house, now I will take you inside; I did a little here
 and there to make it feel like fall weather is hereto stay.

I did a few flower arrangements with the leaves I had bought for my wreath, and mixed several different ones together,  

This particular I used for my breakfast table, along with some fall table mats I got at World Market;
They ended up fitting a little big for the table but oh well.

I also spread some pumpkins around the whole house, like these, that blend in with the other balls.

Some pine cones, and bowls ( I love my funky penguin tray)

I actually found those glass bottles at good will, which are pretty big right now.

I also found this white pumpkin bowl at good will, I think is really cute

 As you can see in the first picture of this desk I had some starfish shells inside the lamp, but I traded them for some pumpkin. This desk was also found at Good Will I have yet to paint but I'm not sure what color yet, but for 14 bucks I couldn't resist, plus I had been looking for a table to put in that spot for quite some time already.

Like I said, I did several flower arrangements and this is one of them, the base is actually a little pallet I found at work, but since I have yet to figure out what to do with it, I figure I could use it for a base and it doesn't look so bad right!!!!????

Maybe I could write some thing on it?

I'm still working on my fire place, is missing character but I have yet to find what that is haha.
I just added some leaves and left it at that. :(

I think I should frame the fire place it just looks too plane?
Or hang the art it put more high to it?
More decor at the floor?

All of it.

Some more punkins around the house, the bird is poking it. 

All of these pumpkins I got them at wall mart, they sale them  by the bag on the grocery section.

I saw this on  the Better Home and Gardens magazine, I though I give it a try, It doesn't look so bad.

Anyways, as good as it got, hahahhah

I hope I inspired some of you, it may not be a lot but I'm happy with it, I love the weather the outfits and feelings that Fall comes with cozy days at home warm up with a blanket and a cup of coffee.

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