Friday, October 5, 2012

One Way Door No More.

So I will show you two pictures see if you can tell the difference.

Can't tell, well it's the door handle. See what happens was that out of nowhere our door handle became loose from the door to the point we couldn't even open the door. I tried fixing it but I guess it was just broken, so we finally decided to buy a new one.

We couldn't even put in a key, the good thing was that you couldn't tell it was broken from the out side, and you couldn't open it also so we had to go through the garage for over the month till we finally replaced it.

Even though we went to go buy it a week after it we didn't actually replace it till like two months after, talk about procrastinating.

Anyways,  one other thing, these type of door handles are expensive, almost 200 bucks,
and even though the brass one was nice I decided to go more of a darker color.

It took me a while to put it in, but once it was done it looked pretty nice.

Some of the old grooving was left from the old handle, but you can hardly tell.

It also stands out more against the wood than the brass one, and is more of a modern style. 

Here's all the scraps left from the old handle.

The porch was also untended for quite some time due to my lack of remembrance to water the plants I had in the front door so they died, but lucky for me they are growing again.

Here's a close up to each of the parts that were put up. As I said you can see some of the grooving left from the original door handle, but you can hardly tell.

We can finally open and close the door again.

So, can you tell the difference now? of course it looks a lot better now that is clean after doing my fall decor 

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