Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Updating the coupon book

I know a lot of people use coupons, and they have their way of storing them, and using them. I'm not to shabby myself, I been using coupons for over two years already, and I have to tell you..you really do save alot.  They are a lot of work to keep up with, having to cut them, remember to use them and to not let them expire. All the time that I have been using coupons, I've been using a binder to store them.

The binder makes it easy to view your coupons,and dates; but when you're in a hurry and dont have time to put them in the slots it's a hassle since they don't always fit by sliding them but need to be folded.

Also, the binder is too big and takes too much space, so it won't fit in my purse unless it was big enough. Some times I will have to just take out the ones I need, when I  don't want to take the whole thing to the store. I just got tired of carrying it to the store every time.

So I finally decided to upgrade to something a little smaller. On one of my trips to target I got a coupon folder, that also has a handy note pad for notes.

The note pad comes in is very handy, since I can make ,a grocery list, and review it with my coupons to check which coupons might expire soon.

And it has several slots to file coupons. Even though it is not as easy to look at the coupons as it is  with the  binder, it's easier to carry, and to storage them when I'm in a hurry. But I can still storage them by categories so I can go directly to that one, depending on what I'm looking for.

I like to separate them by categories, like;

All my target coupons, for when I'm at target, I only have to go through those, unless I do not want to use manufacture coupons at target. 

Which a lot of times I do have a target AND manufacture coupon, since target lets you combine them. like these two for lotion, I know others states let you do double coupon, but there isn't many stores in Texas that do, ( I think, or if they do they might be to far from me).

I also arrange all personal hygiene together, like body wash, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, etc.

Toilet tissue, Kleenex, paper towels.

All food related coupons together, like can goods, nuts, cereal, etc 

All cleaning supplies.

Now I can also keep some other store coupons in here, like Michel's and others, since I can carry this file with me at all times note that it fits in my purse without taking so much space.

Now, I have a better way of keeping up with all my coupons and carry them with me just in case I find myself at a store buying something that I know I have a coupon for, but can't use it because I left it at home. Don't you hate when that happens?  Well I do, and hopefully it won't happen so often now that I can keep it in my purse and not look like a school girl, not that there's anything wrong with that, but you know.

And I also have the note pad that will come in handy for my grocery list, as it is used for writing notes on coupons that might become expire soon if I don't use them, by making a list of dates to use them by. 

I love the fact that it looks like any other diary book or note book, that is nice and slick, and fits perfecty in my purse.

How do you keep your coupons organized? I would love to know.

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