Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Not late to terrariums just late at making them!!!!

So, I have to admit that I'm not so good with plants, I ether water them too much or too little, or I flat out forget about them. Lets just hope I'm not like that once I have kids hahah just kidding.

Any who, so this past Saturday my dear husband and I went to Lowe's and browse around a little about ideas to future projects I have, and lets just say we didn't have anything better to do hah!! Also we were looking at doors, since our back yard door is on it's last days.

So I decided to go into the garden department and go look at succulents, since I been wanted to make some terrariums for quite some time but never went to buy the stuff I needed although I did have so jars to make them with. I ended up walking out with five different ones, and some other two plants.

This is what I ended up with,

Pretty much all you need is;
  1. A jar 
  2. some soil 
  3. river rocks or any type of rocks you like 
  4. succulents 
  5. moss 
  6. any other decorative stuff you will like to add
Like I said I already had some jars

Fill them up with some of the rocks which help the water drain and not soak in the soil and kill the succulents

 After that add a good amount of soil to where you can dig in the succulents and won't be touching the rocks

If your succulents have several sections to them, you can go ahead and separate them into several ones in order to make more than one from it.

Like I said, I got five of them so I was able to separate some of them and have more

Dig them into the dirt to where they have enough support to hold up.

Add your moss to the surface of the exposed soil so it will keep the moisture enough to not dry the succulents  

 I still had some succulents, so I was able to make one more, I didn't have any more glass jars so I decided to just make it in this little pot ( it supposed to just be a popcorn bowl)

I also ended up buying some other plans that also don't need full light or lots of water, so lets see how they do.

At the end, I ended up with three terrariums and two plants.

Which then, found a permanent place

 This was the other plant I got, which should not need lots of water ether so it should survive even if I don't water it all the time, will see, I might kill them too

Anyways I wanted to put some type of pop in them but I didn't have anything at them moment might go to Michael's and see if I can find some little birds, flowers or so.

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