Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Well, hello there.

I know, I been a stranger to blogging for quite some time already, what can I say I have a lot of projects but not enough time. So where to start, well for starters I was sick as a dog last week, I had ear and throat infection, yuck!!!

So I hadn't been to work since Monday last week, didn't go back till last Thursday, and should I say it was the same day that Sherry and John were coming to Houston for their book signing. I was so sad and upset because I thought I wasn't gonna be able to go, do to being sick during the week, so on Wednesday I decided to go buy the book since I wasn't gonna get it signed might as well not wait since I had been dying to see the inside of it.  Thankfully by Thursday I was feeling so much better to the point that I decided to go and get my book signed.

Should I say that even that afternoon I had to go back to the Dr. for the end of a series of 3 shots to my behind, (which is still pretty sore), Sherry and John, if ya are readying my blog don't worry by then it was pretty under control to where it wasn't contagious, that was another concern of mine I wouldn't  like being responsible for one of you getting sick. Anyways, so at the last minute I got my dear friend to go with me since I didn't want to stand in line by myself, although by the end of the night I had met some quite nice ladies that were also waiting to get their book signed. So we stood in line, which wasn't as bad as I thought it would of been since I got there at 6:45 pm.

The nice people from West Elm were nice enough to give everyone hot cocoa and cookies shaped as little YHL Houses, while we waited to make it inside.

We didn't make it inside the store until about 8:30 or so, and should I say that it was only supposed to be from 6 to 8. I do thank Sherry and John for staying until everyone got their book signed.

 After another 20 mins. or so, we got close enough where I could see them up close, there's John, Sherry was hiding.

Finally we made it, and it was so nice meeting them, so worth the wait; their both so nice and they make you feel like you known them forever, but yet how couldn't we if we allkeep up with them on daily basics through their blog.

I also decided to get something for Sherry, as many of us know how much she likes funky animals I found this little wooden monkey at Goodwill a few weeks back, and when I saw it I instantly thought of her.

I know is not much but like she says "fill your house with meaningful things, not just things", and she was nice enough to name it "Charlie". I hope it feels comfy enough at their house.

 At the end, being sick and standing in line for a few hours was worth the wait for me, since I got to meet them, and now I have this great memory that I can share with ya.

                                                           Thank you Sherry and John

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  1. Yadira, you are very creative! I like your blog. and yey! you got your book signed; it makes it that much more meaningful to you. MariaBorrego


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