Thursday, December 6, 2012

Lets frame it up!!!

So, I always try to hit up stores, garage sales, Goodwill, or prints for stuff to frame up, mostly when I have really big walls that need ether really big pieces or several small ones. I had already accumulated several ones but I hadn't got to hang them up. I started with my fired place since it was looking really empty, the thing is that I have really high ceilings and is hard to not make it look empty. Here's a previous picture of what I had on it before.

I'm thinking that I can probably frame it up but for right now frames will do, I think!!!. So at a garage sale I found this neath piece of art that has several of the colors I have in my living room.

So I decided to give it a try in the fired place, but ended up being to small so back to square one.

I decided to stick to the "map" frame that I had at the beginning , but instead of just placing in in the mantel I decided to hang it up along with some other ones to make it look a little more full, along with some more pieces, I'm not sure I'm crazy with it just yet, the problem now is that I need stuff to fill up the space where the "map" used to be, as of right now I have a huge "domino" that kind of doesn't go with the theme of the rest of the pieces,unless you think of it as "playing domino's at the beach" hmm maybe!!!!, but I do think it looks better than before.

 Like I said, is still a work in progress but, is looking better. I also got to work on some of the other walls in the living room, like the one right on this picture

Although I have stuff low to the table, I don't have anything hang up the the wall. Except for the two frames that I moved to the fired place to be with the "map"

I ended up hanging this pieces of art that I got at Goodwill, along with a mirror I got at target. 

I still need to add some more stuff to it since it's still a little empty but it looks a lot better. As I put this together I notice the that the mirror and the game board have the same pattern, (I do need to fix the game board due to the fact that is croquet, but is not because of me, it seems that the way the put the hook in the back makes it go side ways,idk).  

Now, do you see the small read frame next to the "penguin", well this one was is just a cut out of a plain ups catalog I got at work. 

As I was going trough it  at work, I saw the cute little vintage looking globe map, and I thought it would be cool to frame it not to say "cheap art". So I took it home and cut it out, you can still see a small part of the letter but is not so bad.

 I also already had this cute small frame that I got from goodwill. (that's some cheap art, I got the frame for $0.50 cents and the print was free).  

Once together, it came out looking pretty good, if I may say so. 

At the end, I was able to find a suitable place for the "rainy day" art piece; which is in this wall that used to be empty. 

Which is just opposite from the "penguin" art. 

I have to say "rainy day" looks pretty good in this wall. is funny how by the end of this post I ended up naming all of my frames. Anyways is still in progress, but atlease is not a bunch of bare walls like is been for almost a year. 

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  1. I like the "Rainy Day" art. It reminds me of Madeline, the little french girl in the kid books.


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