Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How about the mustache in that ombre

A little late on my post today but I made it.

I will just get right to it.

As we know, YHL had their winter edition of the pinterest challenge today

So for my project I chose two things that been very popular lately,
  1. Ombre, you see it everywhere, even in my hair, hah 
  2. Mustaches, I'm not sure how that started, but I will go with it 
I been working on cheap art for my craft room, so I decided to make a something I could frame and was funky.

This is what I ended up with

 I heart  mustache 

Isn't it cute,  all I need it was a cheap canvas

 Needle and some color thread.

I found all this different color threads at good will for $2.99, so I had all colors to pick from. I had different shades of pink, so I did and Ombre for the heart, and since I also wanted the "I" to look funky; I went with a two shade blue too.

 I traced the "I love mustache" with a pencil very lightly just enough to be able to see it and work as my guide.

I just stated at one end and came in at the middle of each stitch, used the light blue and finish with a darker shade.

 One done, two to go...

The heart and mustache took me the longest, since they're bigger, and as for the heart, I changed the color three times. But once it was done, I was in love with it.

Is not as perfect as I would of like to, but is still great.

Once done, it was ready to go on my wall, which I been working a little by little trying to frame things that I love.

I love the look of the face with in the art, Can you see it?

So far this is what I have frame up, is not much but is looking good so far.

Is a way to help me bend in the TV within the room.

What do ya think of my take on a pinterest?

I'm in love with it.

Keep pinteresting!



Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How are those terrariums doing???

I always thought of myself as a plant killer and believe me I have killed a few plants, but in November I got some succulents to make some terrariums along with some other plants that according to their descriptions, were low maintenance.

Well, here we are about four months later, and they have all seem to have made it, only some of the succulents die, but over all everything survive and some actually got bigger. I decided to separate some of the, along with making some new terrariums for a big container I got to put in my coffee table (once I actually finish it) hahah.

I started by taking all of my plants out to the garage so it wouldn't get messy

I also gather some containers for the new plants.

I started with this cutie, which has grow quite a bit since I got it, I believe it really likes it where is been so far, so I decided to split it and make two out of it.

I shook off the dirt first and made my way trough the roots trying not to rip them, obviously some will still tear but it should be out.

From that I got two, and I love them. The rich color makes them stand out.

I did the same for this one, which I got at Ikea and is actually doing really good.

I use this two containers for them, but since they need drainage for water I added some rocks to the bottom that should still allow the water to drain from the dirt and not stay soak, although this plants don't need much water.

Don't they look great, and the white containers look great against the green and orange.

Now this one has grown quite a bit too, but I decided to leave it the way it is for now, what I did do was change the container.

I love this red pot isn't it pretty.

Now this is the new container I got for the big terrarium I want to put in my coffee table. So I got some more succulents, I bought this back in December but once again it took me forever to actually make it.

By this time I had already got some more at Lowe's, they have some cool funky ones now.

It pretty much ended up looking like this.

You can't see inside of it as much as I would of like to, I might of had put to much dirt, and they ended up a bit to high.

By the time I was done with it I still have a lot of them left since I split them up so I just made more

I didn't have any big containers any more, so I just made several small ones, but even then I still had some left.  I decided just adding more to the ones I already had, since some of them had dry out.

Finally, I used them all.

Once again brought them inside, and set them out throughout the house.

Lets hope they keep blooming as good as they have been.

Each one was able to find a place ether in the living room or kitchen/breakfast area 

As ya might notice I have seem to have started a new animal collection, hopefully I can show ya my brass animal collection tomorrow stay tune.

Over all I really liked how this one came out, I'm planing on buying some mini animals or something to add some type of decor to it. I saw some cute egg nest at Micheal's the other day, so that might be something I get.

I really hope my plants keep doing as good as they have, I have also got some peony bulbs, which I still need to plant, hopefully they make it and I can get some pretty flowers.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


So, this should of had been post so long ago, I'm talking like back in December but what do you know.

Anyways, so as I was telling you on yesterdays post I been doing a lot of updates to my living room, and this next one is about my living room rug. When we first moved in I bought a simple 5 x 7 ft rug, that at the time   thought would big enough you can kind of see it here.Which it was, well so, so, but I wanted to fit it under the couches and still have a big enough space left.

I stuck with it for a while, until my old boss gave me her old living room rug, which I really liked, and had the colors in my living room, it was also a tab bit bigger.

Then, I kept this rug for quite some time, but I notice I was starting to have to much green in the room and things were just starting to fade out, and nothing was standing out, and I was still not having the couches sit under the rug. I dealt with it for a while, but at the same time I was always keeping a look out for rugs on sale. We all know rugs are crazy expensive, and the bigger they get the more honey you have to pay... I need it at least a 7 X 10 ft, but the cheaper you can find a rug that size is like 500 bucks. I was not about to spent that much on a rug; so I kept looking and looking.

Finally on black Friday or cyber Monday last year, one of those two, I was checking out several sales on different items, and I just happen to go to the Rugs USA website and I saw that they were having all their rugs 70% off, this website always have their rugs on sale but is rare when they have them discounted so much, so I decided to look at some of their rugs and I was so sock at how cheap they were for some of their big size rugs, right there in there I decided to pull the plug and buy one since I was not going to find a rug for that cheap in a while. Usually I'm a little anxious about big purchases online without being able to see them in person because you never know how is going to look once you get it but, I have seen several bloggers buying rugs from that website and being very happy with them. Plus is always free shipping too.

When it finally came in, I was super exited.

As I mention earlier I wanted something other than green so it would stand out, so I went with a blue rug since is one on of the other colors I have in the room.

After opening the bag,  first thing I did was moving the green rug, the under padding might of had fit the previous rug, but I really need to buy a bigger one.   

I ended up getting a Blue Chevron 9 X 12 ft rug from a price of  $1038.00 to a $260.00 price tag, now who wouldn't be happy with that.

 Such a big difference in size and color right!!!!

The rug color just pops so much, and I love the fact that I can tuck the rug under the couches, it just looks more cohesive, I hate the set up of the fire place but there's not much I can do about that. 

Here's a view from the window to the entrance.

The blue balance the green walls, which I love but feel like I need to add some white trim or something to blend and tone done the green a little more. 

This is the view from the from entrance to the window. I know what most of you are thinking "why do I block the window with a TV". Well, I used to have it against the wall where the clock is at that's why is so high up, but then the couches didn't leave enough space to walk by from the breakfast area to the living room without looking crowded when the space is so much bigger than that, and even though it does block the window, enough light still comes in so we're good. I think!!!!!!!!!!!! aha

As for the other rugs, they just got moved to other rooms over time. 

The Green one I decided to put it in the dinner room. Which didn't have a rug, that poor room has gotten the least work on it.

I figure it would work here since the room has some green, and the green goes great with the light brown paint I have in the room. 

What do you guys thing?? 
I'm really feeling it here, hopefully once I work on it a little more it will look great.

Next thing in my agenda is to get rid of the chandelier and get one from the YHL line at shades of light

What I'm also glad about is that when the chairs get pulled out they stay inside the rug so there's no weird chair positioning

As for the other rug, it got put on the hubs game room a while back.

So whats next for the living room???

  • I still have to bring in the coffee table I been having in the garage for the longest, which I need to sand and re stain, or maybe completely paint I don't know. 
  • Get accent chairs for the other side 
  • Bring those circle plates down and put some nice frames. 
  • Frame out that weird nook in the wall that doesn't reach the top of the ceiling, and make shelving. 
  • Add crown molding and trim to the walls to add more of a custom look to the living room. 
  • Other things that might come out.  
  • Take the blinds out and just and sheer curtains