Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How about the mustache in that ombre

A little late on my post today but I made it.

I will just get right to it.

As we know, YHL had their winter edition of the pinterest challenge today

So for my project I chose two things that been very popular lately,
  1. Ombre, you see it everywhere, even in my hair, hah 
  2. Mustaches, I'm not sure how that started, but I will go with it 
I been working on cheap art for my craft room, so I decided to make a something I could frame and was funky.

This is what I ended up with

 I heart  mustache 

Isn't it cute,  all I need it was a cheap canvas

 Needle and some color thread.

I found all this different color threads at good will for $2.99, so I had all colors to pick from. I had different shades of pink, so I did and Ombre for the heart, and since I also wanted the "I" to look funky; I went with a two shade blue too.

 I traced the "I love mustache" with a pencil very lightly just enough to be able to see it and work as my guide.

I just stated at one end and came in at the middle of each stitch, used the light blue and finish with a darker shade.

 One done, two to go...

The heart and mustache took me the longest, since they're bigger, and as for the heart, I changed the color three times. But once it was done, I was in love with it.

Is not as perfect as I would of like to, but is still great.

Once done, it was ready to go on my wall, which I been working a little by little trying to frame things that I love.

I love the look of the face with in the art, Can you see it?

So far this is what I have frame up, is not much but is looking good so far.

Is a way to help me bend in the TV within the room.

What do ya think of my take on a pinterest?

I'm in love with it.

Keep pinteresting!



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  1. Haha I love it!. That is some seriously cute wall art :o)


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