Monday, February 18, 2013

Updates in the living room... a long upcoming

 I so been meaning to post about my living room for quite some time, there's actually several updates that have been happening since over a year ago, and hopefully I will soon make a post about how it looked back when we first moved in to how it looks now. There's still a lot of updating to do, as many of you people know a room doesn't just happen over night; mostly when you're in a budget.

Like I said, there's been a lot of updating going on but I just haven't got to blogging about it, so this week I intent on catching up on some of it.

First update that happen was the living room light fixture.

when we first moved in, the previous owners had this chandelier with crystal beads and some shades, but it made it so dark mostly at night, which we came to notice when we first started painting the house when we first bought it.

So, to get more lighting I took off the shades, which actually helped a lot but over all I wasn't crazy about it, it didn't fit what I was going with. 

 But I kept it for the mean time, since at the time there were other things I wanted to get  done before worrying about the lighting.

 see how it looked after I took the crystals off too. 

Is crazy that it took us a year to replace it, but we finally did it. One of the reasons why it took me so long was the fact that I didn't know if I should go with another chandelier or a fan. I really like chandeliers mostly in the living room, but one thing we came to notice is that some times it would went really hot due to the fact that we have such big windows and we get lots of afternoon sunlight, so a fan would help circulate some air, mostly when we have people over.

Now, by this time I had already spotted a fan at Lowe's about a month before, but wanted to see if it would go on sale. When it finally did, I jump on it,

 but of course like it always happens to me they didn't have anymore in stock, so I asked them if they could find out if any other Lowe's around the area  might still have them, they gave us two other locations, so we went to the next close Lowe's, what is funny is that when we got there, they only had one and some other people were already looking at it, I was like "walk away, walk away hahah" they actually did, and as soon as they did I grabbed it . They just stare at me, I felt kind of bad because they might of have wanted it, but I was a girl on a mission, and I see it this way "once you put it down is not longer any ones" hhah right!!!!!

Anyways, so I got it, paid for it and came straight home to put it up.

 It for sure had lots of parts, and for a moment I was not feeling up to it, but it had to be done; a year with that light fixture was long enough.

first thing you need to do when working with anything electrical is turning off the breaker so you don't get shock of course. hah!!
Then you can for sure remove your old light fixture or fan which ever one you're changing.

 Once that's done you can go ahead and install the new one.

As much as I would of had like to blog step by step it was to much to take pictures of, at the same time that  you're trying to hold on to the loose pieces until they are tightly secure. 

 So, unfortunately I only have these steps on how it came to be.

Finally once it was all done it came to look like this.

 Now this picture is newer than from when the fan when up but I couldn't find a whole living room picture from that time, the fan got put in back in October of 2012 and this picture is from November so is not so bad only a month after, but my living room set up has then change several times since that first picture up in the top which I would put here so you don't have to scroll up again.  

setting my living room furniture has been a little challenging for me due to the living room set up of the fire place. Some of the furniture has also change along with things in the wall and rugs but those are for another day.

I also have a picture of how the fan looks at night

With that, I'm very happy the living room is a lot brighter at night and during the day if we ever feel a little warmer that usual we can just turn the fan on and save a little on the electricity bill, one thing to remember is to change the settings on the fan from winter to summer, which is on how the blades rotate.

What do you guys think? does it look any better or would you had gone with a chandelier?
Maybe later on I will change it to one, but for now I'm very happy with it, and so is my husband since he cares more for efficiency than looks, hahah it has to be a little of compromise somewhere right.

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