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I might not had been posting as much as I should, what can I say is life....

But that doesn't stop me from catching up on my fav blogs on the daily basics, one of them being YHL of curse. So last week, on their Friday post as I was reading it just like many of you do. I got so exited about their challenge, I was like " is on like donkey kong" just like uncle Sia from Duck Dynasty would say.


Here's the video if you want to watch it before we start 

Step #1. Go to a thrift shop with – just as the chorus of the song says – “$20 in your pocket” and take a picture
Now I'm a little sad that I wasn't able to do the first step word by word as $herdog asked, the thing was that I didn't get a change to go to the bank and get a $20 dollar bill and take a picture with it in front of the thrift store as she asked, but now as I'm writing this post a light bulb pop up about the fact that as I think about it, there was a bank right by it, silly me that's what happens when you try to do so many things at one time. Over all I did take a picture in front of the store.

So the thrift store as you see is called Alamo Thrift Store, now I usually don't go there much because is over price, but I had been to the Good Will by my house and didn't find much of the items, so I gave it a try. Sorry about the poor photo quality. Well any ways, step one of the challenge is Done.

Step #2. Spend that $20 any way you’d like and photograph your spoils.

Well, maybe I didn't do this one so good ether, since I didn't take a photo of them at the store, it wasn't until I got home I took a picture, so here it goes.

I bought three matching frames with some shell prints and gold trim, $3.93 each. Another regular white frame for $4 dollars. A gold Rhino that I'm sure $herdog would love, which was $2.50 dollars, and finally a small mint green bowl I plan to use for jewelry just $1 dollars. So over all I was right within the $20 dollars in my card, hahah jk, I don't really have that much lol.

Even though that's all I bought I did run into this piece that I just love. 

I didn't buy it, but hopefully is there when I go back this weekend, I love the details in the hardware, and it has really good bones, with a good paint it would look great.

Let's cross our fingers that it will still be there.

Well now is time for..

Step #3. Find one item (or more) referenced in the song and snap a pic.

I had lots of fun looking for most of the items in the song, I made sure I make a list so I wouldn't forget all the Items.
  1. Clothing with fringe.

 This one was easy to find, since I live in Texas, and the Rodeo is coming up so a lot of people start looking for outfits, they had them right in front of the store.

     2. An all pink outfit. 

All I have to say is, this was my favorite one.

I look so ridiculous!!! But it was so much fun, people were staring at me, like what is she doing. What was I doing!!!!!

I so can't be gangsta' any ways after a while I got really hot since I had the suit over my clothes duh..

I also did a little 70's look by putting my hair up. which by the way if you look at one of the girls at the beginning of the song has an ombre, and so do I. Anyways that suit was huge too.

    3. Moccasins and house slippers

I will put this together since my picture has them both although not quite, but close. Now that I remember they had some better moccasins I should of had taken more pictures. 

Bunny slippers!!!!!!

     4. A velour jumpsuit

 It sucks that you can't see it very well because I'm short, I would of had also put it on, but was too small :(
it was all one piece along with the one behind me in the rack.

   5. A brown leather jacket

This is as close as I got to finding a brown leather jacket

 Does it count? maybe? I don't know? $herdog??????

   6. A keyboard
Once again does it count hahah,

 I didn't find a MUSICAL keyboard, BUT I did find  computer KEYBOARDSSSS, does quantity counts?????

7. A knee board

There was but didn't take a picture wahh!!!!

  8. Shoes with velcro

I kept looking and looking for some plain old white velcro shoes but fail.
this is as close as I got

 I did how ever found some alligator look like shoes, not green but other colors.

 And, I also found a skirt, I know, I know is not in the song but I thought it was cool.

And what about the stuff dinosaur throw in the video

  yup!!! I got that one too

   9. Luggage

This one was easy almost any thrift store will have luggage

  10. Plaid button down shirt 

This one was easy too, since they have them everywhere although I only took a picture of one

once again in the western section.

   11. Flannel zebra jammies

I didn't find zebra, does leopard counts???

 I did how ever find a zebra and leopard blankets, which also come in the video???

I wish I had made the scene with the bike, there were some right behind me

   12. PJs with built-in socks, a telescope

I did not find nether one of this wahhh wahhh!!!!

   13. Finally is the BIG a#$ coat 

I really liked this coat, although I didn't like it on myself, the coat itself was furry and skin like hahah.

Here it is

Now here's me with it trying to look cool, but fail. :(

Instead, I just stuck to the normal pose

 Oh well, $herdog, owned the coat pose.

Once again the all pink outfit was my fav.

 Where my feet at!!!!

Well, here's my take on the video and challenge made by Sherry and John. I hope you guys find it funny, and I be checking up the links to see what all you crazy people found. I had a blast doing it, you guys are genius, you should do things like this more often.


  1. Saw you on the link round up. Love the all pink outfit!

    1. I know, I loved it too, I should of bought it huh lol

  2. Love, love, love! You are the best scavenger hunter EVER!!!

  3. I wish I had a thrift store that awesome in Ohio! Looks like you came home with some awesome stuff, especially that rhino! I'm all about brass animals lately, so it's cool to see I'm not alone on that! ~Heather P.

    1. Some times I don't find anything, I was surprised I did, that rhino is my favorite, along with the feather dish and they were pretty cheap to, I will post so pictures later after they get clean and in place.

  4. :) that pink outfit is AWESOME and you really found a TON from that song. I am so impressed. I only found two items ;)

    Loved reading about your outing :)


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