Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Baby let me upgrade you....

Since I started blogging, I came to notice that pictures play a big part on blogging. Soon I came to the realization that a simple point and shoot was not good enough for really showing the best of what I was doing, yet I never really upgraded to a professional one. One of the major reasons I hadn't gave in to buying one was that as many of us know is all the honey that they cost. I know that is crazy to just buy a camera for blogging, but I do believe that you should enjoy your hobby. I also know that blogging is not my actual job like many bloggers out there, I don't know maybe later on in life, I still have lots to learn about blogging, I just wish I had more time; which brings up another reason for wanting to buy a professional camera.

The thing is that I work a 8 to 5 job so by the time I get home is getting dark already which means I can only take pictures at night with no natural light, and on weekends. That's why I don't blog as much as I would like to, because most of the time a point and shot camera doesn't do great in dark rooms, and really fades out dark colors if you try to bright them by editing them.

So this weekend I finally decided to go ahead and buy one, even though it was killing me spending so much money on a camera I don't even know how to use (isn't that crazy, yup that's what my husband thinks. The good thing is that he still supports me, he says all girls are a little crazy) anyways, since I don't know how to use one, I much less knew which one to buy. I remembered that YHL had made a post on their new camera. I decided to look it up and and see what information they had in their camera, since they always have such nice pics I figure I could check it out. After reading the whole post and getting information, I figure I could probably just go ahead and buy the same one, if my pictures can get even a quarter as good as theirs I can be happy haha.

After making a trip to best buy ( after looking into different places like target, and frys, it seems like they all had it for the same price so it really didn't matter, they good thing about best buy is that if you can get credit with them is zero interest for 18 months, so you really don't have to pay it all up front, phew!!!!!) I came home charged it, read the manual and gave it a few test runs,

This pictures were taken with my point and shoot camera since, obviously I can't take them with the new one haha!!!

Now the point and shoot camera actually does really good in close up pictures but once it gets to a  larger view is when it becomes a problems, mostly when taking pictures of black items in a light back ground, if I light up the shot the black and sharpness of the item becomes blurry but if I aim for the black and sharpness of the item the background is super dark.

Here's my point and shoot now, taken with the professional camera.

Unlike the other ones i did not had to do any editing to the pictures.

Over all I still have lots to learn about picture taking but, I'm planning on taking some classes to learn some of the basics into using it in manual mode and not auto.

I figure, Hey maybe I can start taking peoples picture and maybe make a few bucks hahah

Any takers?!!!!

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