Monday, March 11, 2013

Taking down the blinds

Good Monday to everyone, I hope every one had a good weekend, for me it was a very productive one even after taking care of a sick husband, good thing he got better throughout the day. Most of my Saturday consisted of doing projects around the house that needed major tackle, one of them was the blinds that didn't work in my living room any more.

To start I didn't like them since they were to dark for the room and they just simply didn't work for me. I have showed you how my living room looked so far here

The problem with the blinds was that because of the shape of the window, they didn't reach the whole window so, it just looks kind of choppy.  Another thing I didn't like was the color of the blinds, they makes the room very dark and woody. Over all the thing that made me finally  get rid of them was the fact that they didn't work any more, the pull cord wouldn't open the blinds so I had to do it manually.

I knew that if I got other blinds they would have to be white, but I would still have the problem with the chopped up part of the blind in the top of the window, so, instead I started making some curtains.
I pretty much follow the same steps as I did with the patter ones.

But, before putting them up I had to cover some holes from the curtain rod that was there before, since it was something I didn't do when I first put my current curtains (I know talk about lazy aha)

The middle support hook was the worst one,it was pretty much free hanging, since there was no support for it, from all the holes.

I ended up moving it to the left a few inches and started sealing the holes.

I all I need it was some wall filling and spatula.

Some holes took more filling than others but over all, all were seal. From there I took some left over paint I had from when I fist painted and even out the paint.

Once it was dry, I was ready for the curtain to go up.

A few moths ago I had bought a bag full of curtain ring clips and rods at a garage sale, so I was glad I didn't have to buy some more.

To make sure they had the same distance I folded it in half and put hook at each end and in the middle.

Once all the rings were on the curtains they went up.

 Since the rings I had were black and, the ones that were already in the pattern curtains were a nickel finish, I decided to switch them out for the black ones, the problem was that i didn't have enough black ones for all five curtains (2 pattern ones and 3 white ones) so I had to keep one with the nickle ones until I can get black ones. (someone said IKEA next weekend haha) 

One reason why I went with white sheer curtains was because, I wanted lots of light to come in without necessary having to open the curtains, but they still give you privacy at night, you can see the light but not a clear picture of what's inside. As you can see I took this picture at night, before taking the blinds down, just so I could make sure I can see how it looks at night, and that is not visible to other people.

Once, I was sure privacy was check, I was able to take down the blinds, I can probably still add one more, but over all; you can't really tell anything of whats going on inside.

On Sunday I was able to take some daylight pictures, and as you can see more than enough light comes in even without having to open them up. One thing I love is the fact that the blind are gone and the window looks so much better not being chopped up.

Even though I have my TV right by the window the light comes in and brights up everything nicely.

So what do ya think, Should I had just put white blinds up or do ya like the sheer curtains? maybe roman shades?

I think is such a change, the ceiling looks so much taller and is already pretty high. The curtains are 108 in. tall.

I would love to hear your comment on the new curtains.


  1. Oh! Your house looks so beautiful. Window blinds could be bothersome to look at, it's great that you've taken those out.

  2. Wow, it looks so much better. Though I have to say the blinds themselves don't look bad - they look really nice actually. They just don't work in that room for sure. The privacy curtain is a much better choice!

    Sarah |


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