Monday, April 22, 2013

spring cleaning 2013

We bought our house back in Oct 2011 and the outside of  it looked like this.

We really didn't do much to the house other than cutting the yard, and last year we did a little trimming and plant a few flowers but, even then it wasn't much

Finally we decided, or maybe just me (hah the husband wasn't to much for it) that we were gonna take off some of the bushes and palm trees since they block most of the front door view out from the street, not to say I wanted a little more color.

So since the past three weeks we been working on our front and back yard.

 I have to say maybe I went a little crazy at buying plants but, hey they more the better right.
Most of them are going to the back yard since there's not much back there.

We started by removing the big bushes at the front door, they just got to big to fast, and I wanted some more flowers. Those bushes always took over everything.

We had to use some big box that actually made it rolling to our front yard from a few houses away, it was pretty windy that day, but it really came in handy.

It was actually pretty hard to take some of them out, they were pretty deep in there. We ended up making a mess.

But after long hours and and sore bodies we finish the front yard

I have to say is hard work to do yard work,but the reward of seeing your yard neath and clean makes you feel better.

Taking off the bushes at the front door gives you a better view of the door from out the street, and they won't  over take the door anymore.

The whole yard is a lot more open and is not block off by big palm trees that were also a pain to take out.

Most of the plants and flowers are still small and adapting to the ground, but hopefully they get big and lush in a week or so.

Can I say that every year some birds try to make a nest right on my front door. Anyways hopefully tomorrow I will post on they back yard update.

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