Monday, June 10, 2013

Above ground garden box project

Man I really need to keep up with my blog is been a while since I wrote anything, in reality there has been some projects going on, but some times I just can't find the time to write any post. I have come to realized that making long post sometimes is not the best, as I keep learning from blogging some times is not necessary to make long post all the time, but to write more in order for people to keep up with your blog, and is something I have decide to do. I don't always have the time to write a long post but if I just take a few minutes to write something I might be able to grow my views. I really want to be able to connect more with the few viewers I do get. 

Moving on with the kind of short blog, since we been working with the front and back yard according to my liking, the dear husband was complaining that I'm just growing stuff that looks pretty, but nothing that we can actually eat.  I decided to compromised and give him some space to grow some vegetables. There's this corner at one end of the yard that gets a lot of sun and is not so visible to the rest of the yard.

Now at first we were thinking of planting everything directly to the ground, but as we dig a little we notice it was nothing but clay which was a problem with the rest of the yard, and was also gonna take us a while to remove all the grass and put all new dirt, not to say that when it rains the water gets stall there. For all those reason we decided it wasn't a good place for vegetables that need a lot of care, good soil and drainage. That's when we decided to built a above ground garden box.

We started with a few pieces of fence wood.

Since we need it a 7' x 4', but the length of each piece was just 6 ft, we just decided to make it smaller to a 6' by 3' so we didn't had to make any more cuts than need it.

At first we were gonna ask someone at lowe's to cut the wood for us, since we didn't have a saw, but since Marbin knows how much I love tools and I put them to good use, he told me to go ahead and just buy one, since more likely we would use it more than once, and can I just say I love it. I know other girls love to get purses and jewelry and so do I, but some times getting the tools to improve my projects is just as nice. Those were some good 200 dollars right there, mostly with all the other projects I would use it for.   

At first I was a little nervous since I had never really used one, but let me tell you, once I cut the first piece of wood I was on a roll.

Once I had all my pieces cut, it was time to put them together.

Now here is where I got a bit lazy, I really wanted to use screws since it has more support than nails, but I really didn't want to go to lowe's once again since I didn't have any deck screws and regular home screws weren't cutting it. I just stuck to wood glue and nails

Which I think it would still do good, but only time would tell.

Since each piece was just a half a foot deep , we made two sets, so that we could stack them together and make it at least a foot deep when adding dirt.

Before putting them together, we added the bottom planks so there was more support.

I actually laid it down to nail the rest of the boards but I didn't get a picture before lifting it up.
We also did a little sanding as we went, to get rid of any splinters that it might of  had.

 To put both of them together we use some extra sticks of wood we had for support of the both along with some glue.

Finally all there was to do was painting it for a little weather protection.

I went with a canyon brown deck stain and sealant in one, I'm sure I could of had added another coat of polyurethane but lets see how it goes. It supposed to have really good water protection and  mildew.

The color is awesome, I was thinking of keeping it the same natural color of the wood, but the stain just brings it to the next level of a more custom piece.

I was also planning on staining the whole thing but as I was going I kept thinking of the two tone look, so I went with a while for the bottom part, just make sure its a oil base so its better resist to outdoors.

Once dry a day later, it was really to be put outside.
as for all the bricks, we used them as an elevation for the box, since like I said that place floods when it rains or the sprinklers are turn on, so the bricks will help it avoid sitting on any extra water.

Putting the box against the fence gives us enough space to walk around the whole box when it comes to pick any vegetables, once if they do come out.

So here it goes all done.

I have to tell you, at first I wasn't so into the whole vegetable thing, but now I'm a little more into it once I saw the progress and how good it looks, I don't know about ya but I love it. I think it came out better than I thought. Tomorrow I will show you how all the vegetables came out.

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