Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Blog update news

As I had mention, keeping up with the short blog post is just one of the updates I have been working with,  in my blog.
I have also been wanting to change my blog name to something shorter and to own my own domain.
It has been taking me a while since I was tying to find a shot catchy name, I have looked at several blogs and most of them stick to a three word name, I also wanted to make it some thing that could be monogram with my husbands and my initials; it also had to be something to do with what I do. I believe that every one has the chance to make something they have theirs, in my case like my house. We're making it ours, a little bit at a time by adding our own style to it.

In the end I came up with "yours two make" I decided to go with ''two'' instead of ''to'' just because we're two, my husband and I, and even though most of the time he just attributes with money, and emotional support hah!! it's still something important to the projects.

So here's something I have come  up with so far. I'm still a little undecided on the colors or fonts but I do believe it's a much better improvement from what I have right now. 

I'm still not ready for the whole change but hopefully soon, it be up and running  in the blog.

What do yo guys think of the look??

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