Tuesday, June 18, 2013

thriftstore scores of the year, maybe...

This weekend I felt the need to go to some thrift stores and see what I could find.






I found the best stuff ever for having such good pricing.

Really! Every time I find something, it's ether over priced or crappy stuff, but not this time, nope this time I scored some really awesome pieces or at least I think I did.

So let's start with this piece,

Which can be use as a buffet for a dining room, or a dresser in your room, or a TV console in your living room. In my case I will be using it as a buffet. It's all solid wood, mid century style; which is very popular right now. The best part is that it was for sale at 100 bucks but I was able to bring them down to $85. which I dont think it's bad at all comparing to some that are on Craigslist or brand new at a store, all it needs is a good cleaning, maybe light sanding and a new coat of stain.

It has more drawers inside the door compartment, which is kind of neat for storage
along with some funky paper   

The patten in the drawer handle is kind of funky too.

 I plan on hopefully clean it up this weekend and store some stuff in it, let's see how it goes.

Moving on to the next thing...

I found a hutch, a small one anyways is probably only 3 feet wide, but so cute.

I been looking for a hutch for the longest time, and I finally found one it's not as big as I wanted but since I also have the buffet there's no need for a bigger one, plus what can I say, it was only 45 dollars and it's also all solid wood. I convinced they guy to bundle the hutch and buffet together to get a better price and it worked.

It has upper shelving a drawer and bottom storage. I have to replace the handles since some of them are missing and I plan on painting it another color, I'm thinking on using chalk paint so I don't have to use any primer or sanding, I just don't know what color yet.  But isn't it adorable.

The next piece in the agenda is this chair

Sorry about the bad lighting I was trying to take the pictures at night which is never good.
Anyways I got this cute little chair for about $15 dollars at another thrift store I went to and I just fell in love, all I need to do is change the fabric on it and that's it I'm not sure if I want to paint the wood, but I don't know I just might.

I have to say it's really comfortable to sit on and it's in really good condition.


It's this cabinet like table/bench I guess since it could be both,

I plan on using it as a bench, I will make a cushion on top maybe sand it a little and call it a day, since I'm kind of digging the orange in it. It seems like it used to have doors but were removed. I also love the wheels at the bottom they give it character and makes it easy to move.

It's low enough to the ground for easy sitting which makes it perfect for a bench when you have guess at your house and you need the extra room, or just a table for extra storage. Oh and the price for it $12 dollars. what what!!!! 

As for my last piece...

It's this storage cart, which I plan on using in my craft room

It's still in pretty good shape aside from a few scratches and it was only 6 dollars compared to brand new ones for about 40 bucks or more.

I don't know about you guys, but I think I did pretty good this weekend I spent about 160 for five pieces of furniture, that's not even what you would pay for brand new coffee table. I'm ecstatic to get them fixed and set up in my house, and I can't wait to show you guys.

What do ya think of all the furniture I found?

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  1. Um hello score of the century. I might need to steal that dresser from you, because I LOVE IT!! Great finds lady and I am so glad that you shared them with me!



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