Friday, June 14, 2013

Vegetables in the garden box

I'm a few days late but here's the garden box, complete with the veggies.

But first we had to add some base soil.


There's about two or three bags of soil just for the base, so in reality even though it might look small in the pictures, it's quite big. 

Now as for the veggies, we had already started some inside, just to get them started before planting them in the ground like tomatoes, bell peppers, and some cucumbers. 

Marbin looked up that making newspaper potting starters was a great way to start seeds, since transplanting plants some times are hard since they might not survive, you can grow them in the newspaper and when its ready to go in the ground all you have to do is open the bottom and plant them, the newspaper will decompose eventually and it doesn't hurt the plants or environment. 

To hold them together,  we reused some annual plant holders, which come in handy. To water them and not getting them hurt with a lot of water pressure we use a water bottle and making a small hole to the lid for easy watering. 

Once we open up the bottom of all the pots, they were ready to be planted. 

Some of the veggies had to be planted directly in the ground like edamame  or carrots.
So, once we put all the ones we had already started we covered  them up with more dirt and watered them. I didn't take any pictures once I had plated them all down, I also didn't take any pictures once the carrots and edamame went down, but let me tell you they started sprouting pretty fast. 

 As you can see the edamame (tall middle one) got pretty big with in a week and a half maybe.

 The carrots are right behind the edamame, its a little harder to see them, but they sprouted pretty fast too. 

 You can see them better on this picture, as for the bottle you see, well its corn mean. We're having problems with ether bugs of something else eating the carrots and edamame, we looked up that corn meal and beer are really good at getting rid of bugs that like to bite on the leafs, and its better than spraying the vegetables with pesticides. 

Over all they're all growing pretty good, all we have to do is wait and see if we do grow some veggies, hah 

Well there you have it, an above ground garden box. What ya think. 

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