Monday, July 22, 2013

Orange cabinet on wheels

Do ya remember the finds I got a couple of weeks ago. Well I have yet to work on some of those pieces, but I have cleaned up one of them.

The orange cabinet I found at Goodwill

I knew it was dirty but man, once I cleaned it, it was super dirty. All I used was some soap, water and a magic erase, and let me tell you those things really do work. They left the paint looking almost new, it had so many sharpie marks and dirt.

Big difference huh

It still has some scratches but it's not so bad over all, I still don't know if I want to paint it or leave it as is, and whether or not to make it into a bench by adding a cushion to the top. Ether way it's working the way it is right now.

I gathed some stuff I had around the house to dress it up a little.

At the top I have the latest issues of my favorite decor magazines, some seashells and a basket to drop off keys and mail when we fist walk in. Anyways this is what I have done with this piece so far.

By the way I moved my living room furniture AGAIN, I just couldn't find a good layout, but now that I have the blue chairs it looks more cohesive.

And even though I liked how it looked, since we been fixing our yard, I didn't want the window block.  A lot of our plants have gotten really big since then, and we have built a patio table since then, if you follow me on instagram you might of had seen it, I haven't been able to make the post because it's being raining a lot here in Houston, but maybe this week. Anyways this is how the furniture looks so far,

There is so many things I need to get rid off, like all those frames on top of the tv, which used to be by the window. I also want to change the paint color of the living room, although I liked it at the beginning I'm not so crazy for it any more, it changes colors like crazy, and it looks dull.

I moved the blue chairs to the window instead so you can sit there and look out the window on a sunny or rainy day, which we been having a lot of, and I'm loving it.

So far that's what's been going on with my living room.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Keeping with a series of furtunate parties

As I was telling y'all about a month ago  I was involve in a series of back to back parties, and yesterday I showed ya a bridal shower, now will move on to an anniversary party, now on this one, once again it wasn't my party I just help with some ideas for decoration, and set up. This party was the week after the bridal shower.

The theme: I will say "Daisies On A Hot Summer Day"

Since it's summer the bride wanted it to be colorful and fun. She used some mason jars with burlap and ribbon and added some natural daisies. 

I also let her barrow my mason jars for people to drink from instead of just plastic cups, and added some colorful straws for a touch

Fruit punch along with sodas was serve for the drinkings and they were a hit with the mason jars.

They didn't get an specific cake instead several plain cakes and added some daisies to tide all the cakes together, using different cake stands for height help the different levels, including one of my favorite ones which is my little pallet

Added a little personalization by adding both of their name initials 

We also made a back drop for pictures, made from tissue paper pinwheels

And adding photo booth props

Which were a hit with everyone!!

Some using more than other hahah!!!

At the end the couple had a blast and to many years to come, congratulation!!!!!

 Tony & Anaid

Next in the list a wedding.....

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Series Of Furtunate Parties

So about a month ago I had several parties going on and even though I helped more in some than others, I have to say it was several parties week after week and even though it was fun it was also very tiring.  None the less it was real fun planning so many parties.

So lets start with a bridal shower.
Now, this party was not necessarily mine I just help my friend throw it, help her with decorating, the set up and a few things of mine.  

The theme was more like pinwheels and dollies.

Along with some dress making mannequins, flowers and a tiers

As for the food we set a whole table of finger foods, from bread bowls and veggies to chicken and egg sandwiches.

Using several  trays and stands help us spread the food and making it more appealing to the eye. Don't you agree? Not that it wasn't good

Small tooth picks held together the sandwiches and added a nice touch by the added flags 

Using some cake stands help us having more space for the food along with giving it height to the table 

This is what happens when you are trying to make signs last minute, you forget to spell check haha!!
Good thing most people didn't notice.

A few pinwheels made up the background of the cake table with touches of blue and white.

For the game gifts my friend made several purses and bags decorated with dollies and ribbon.

A sign in table with a last minute sign hah!

The bride got married the week after and I'm just glad I was able to help my friend throw a bridal party for her cousin.

She had lots of fun and I hope she's also enjoying her marriage

Next in the list a wedding and a anniversary.