Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Series Of Furtunate Parties

So about a month ago I had several parties going on and even though I helped more in some than others, I have to say it was several parties week after week and even though it was fun it was also very tiring.  None the less it was real fun planning so many parties.

So lets start with a bridal shower.
Now, this party was not necessarily mine I just help my friend throw it, help her with decorating, the set up and a few things of mine.  

The theme was more like pinwheels and dollies.

Along with some dress making mannequins, flowers and a tiers

As for the food we set a whole table of finger foods, from bread bowls and veggies to chicken and egg sandwiches.

Using several  trays and stands help us spread the food and making it more appealing to the eye. Don't you agree? Not that it wasn't good

Small tooth picks held together the sandwiches and added a nice touch by the added flags 

Using some cake stands help us having more space for the food along with giving it height to the table 

This is what happens when you are trying to make signs last minute, you forget to spell check haha!!
Good thing most people didn't notice.

A few pinwheels made up the background of the cake table with touches of blue and white.

For the game gifts my friend made several purses and bags decorated with dollies and ribbon.

A sign in table with a last minute sign hah!

The bride got married the week after and I'm just glad I was able to help my friend throw a bridal party for her cousin.

She had lots of fun and I hope she's also enjoying her marriage

Next in the list a wedding and a anniversary.


  1. Man. I want those sanwiches lol..I mean I want those sandwiches!!

  2. Those sandwiches did rock!
    Thx for your help Yadi.....

    Love the sandwich pic w/the lil' flags....

    And of course, the prettiest decoration was the bride-to-be...Ashley!



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