Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Maybe the second time you ge the color right......

This post makes me think of the YHL book, when it talks about how in their first house they wanted to paint every room a different color in the rainbow hah!! and how in their second house they stay in the lighter side of neutral colors. Now I don't necessarily have all the colors of the rainbow, and the green in my living room is not bad, but the picture I had of my living room has change from what I think I wanted about a year and a half ago. I now know that I want more of the blues, cream colors, more calm and get my color from fabrics and accents.

Well that took me to Lowe's this weekend to get a few samples and try them on my walls since they always look different in your room, and depending on the lighting in your home.

Two of the main ones I liked ended up looking the same in my walls even though they were different shades and brands, one was from Valspar the other one Olympic.

I also try them in different locations of the living room since it looks different from one place to the other.  The fireplace was the one the made the most differences since it's against the white, but they still looked the same, and not as lighter as I want. The third one I got was way too dark almost a teal, so I need to look for other options

 It also help me to put the paint against the curtains, it makes a big contrast on them now, with the green walls the curtains got lost in the place although I'm not so sure I still like them once I paint the walls, so I might need to start looking for fabric hah!!!

Here's a close up, It really doesn't look bad, but at night the color looks to dark; almost a dark grey, is so funny how light changes everything.

Now if I zoom in all the way to cut off the green, you can really tell the differences.

This color is an option if I don't find a lighter color that is not to light to almost a white, so I will keep it in mind.

That's what is going on around here lately.

What do you guys think of the color.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Ottoman coffee table

For those that follow me on instagram saw this picture last week, and for those that don't well, the good thing is that you are seeing it now.

It actually used to be a coffee table that I got about a year ago at Goodwill for $10 bucks, It sat on my garage for a while, then back in february I brought it in for my Superbowl  party but never took it back out, still it sat in my living room like that for a few more months. When I fist bought it I thought of just sanding it and staining it the same color, but over the two years I been in my house, the idea of how I want the living room to look has change.

So I decided to painted it a lighter color, and make it a ottoman.

For the legs I just used a sanding pad, and primer. I had several samples of paint, which I mix up until I got some type of color I liked.

Once dry, I added the patting which I was able to cover with 2 yards cut in half putting them side by side. Staple all the ends really tight with a staple gun.

Once all the ends were staple it looked like this, which I really like because it made a puff in the middle which make it look like it had more filling than it actually did.

Ether way, I had some trimmings left over, which I added to the inside to give it more fluff, and sowed the middle just to keep it secured, and keep in it from from seeing the division through the fabric.

The fabric was two yards of fabric I found on sale at a fabric store, and woahla!!!!
Do the same process of stapling all the ends of the fabric and getting a good pull on it. 

As for the buttons, just buy some cover buttons which you can add the same fabric or any other that you might be using.
The steps to add the fabric to the button are in the box and is very easy to do.

As for to adding them to the ottoman, before putting all the filling and fabric, I drill 8 holes to the table, and once all the fabric was on, just pass the buttons thought the holes with a big needle.

That's how I turn my coffee table into an ottoman, is nothing new many people have done it before, but thanks to them I had my own spin at it 

Like I said, the way I see this room looking  has change from what I wanted it to look like when I first bought the house, so the green walls are not working at all anymore, I want to move to a lighter grey or blue or maybe a mix of both, for a more settle mood.

There you have it folks, my old but improved table.